Finding what to do in Cozumel for a day is now easy, a wide set of options to help you plan for your Shore Excursion in Cozumel

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Dice Sports Games That Are Fun

This is an introduction to a world of incredibly fun games played with dice. No, I am not going to teach you how to gamble. Rather, I am going to show you how just 2 to 8 dice can allow you to play a number […]

Best Places for Art Lovers to Visit in Salzburg

As the fourth largest city in Austria, Salzburg has plenty to offer, whether you're here for a long visit or just a weekend. From its renowned architecture to world-record largest and oldest buildings, the city goes all out to impress and enthral its visitors. Aside […]

Backpackers and Billionaires

It used to be that backpacking trips to Fiji involved a bus ride from Nadi to Suva, then a ferry to somewhere like Ovalau, Savusavu, Taveuni or Kadavu. No more. These days young budget travelers are lining up to go to the Yasawa Islands, a […]

Cambodia – Strengths and Weaknesses

Cambodia hasn’t been the hotbed of activity like its neighbors have for almost a half-millennium. Realizing its weakness and working to become a bigger tourist destination to help pull its citizens out of poverty, the country has taken great strides in improving its cities and […]

Kayaking – An Intimate Boating Experience

Though having a pleasure boat means being able to take fun little cruises, partake in some exciting ocean fishing, or spend the day water skiing, there are limits to where you can take a regular boat. For those who love the pleasure of being on […]

Aquitaine, France Festivals – 11 Great Festivals In Aquitaine

With its Celtic influence, unique architecture and stylish resorts, the region of Aquitaine and its departments have endless attractions to offer. From spectacular golf courses to famous art, from wine tasting to a huge range of outdoor activities .. But let's not forget that it […]

Knowing the Right Choices to Make When You Travel to London

How did the hotel industry (and the tourism industry in general) react in America when the country went through a recession (that is only just beginning to ease up)? Hotels reacted by cutting down on staff and getting guests to serve themselves in lots of […]

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Russia

A couple of years ago Russia organized contest to select the seven wonders of Russia. Everyone could take part in this poll, by offering andoting for Russia's most beautiful destinations. Here are the winners of this contest: 1. The Baikal Lake in Irkutsk Oblast. This […]

Top 10 Attractions in Paraguay

Long overlooked by tourists, low prices and an array of cultural attractions that rival any of it's more affluent neighbors has begun to place Paraguay on many travelers' short list of places to go in South America. Here are ten of Paraguay's top attractions. Panteon […]

Individual Travel Vs Group Travel!

Well that's a tough one as both have their pros and cons but anyways lets dwell and analyze both the travel types and try to find the better among the two. Traveling alone is taxing as one copes with language barriers, different cultures and customs […]