Finding what to do in Cozumel for a day is now easy, a wide set of options to help you plan for your Shore Excursion in Cozumel

Cozumel Beach Clubs

Caribbean Cruise – An Eating Guide

For many, whether they care to admit it or not, holidays are great about the food. Yes, the places are important, the sunbathing, the books read, but a large chunk of holiday conversation is taken up by questions regarding where the next meal is going […]

8 Bakerloo Line Stations With Interesting Attractions and Activities for Visitors to Explore

The Bakerloo Line, coloured brown on the London Underground maps, was opened in March 1906. The line starts from Harrow & Wealdstone station in north-west London to Elephant & Castle station in south London. The Bakerloo line covers a distance of 23km (14.5 miles) and […]

Sailing through History – Cruising in Turkey by Gulet

Rain was smacking against the window. It was icy cold. Sitting in the dark depths of a British University's library in 1994, I was staring out dreaming of somewhere warm and exotic. Turkey was the place that lit up my imagination. Three great things embody […]

Love Life

Life is so short. Days can seem so terribly long at times. January seems very long to me. But now it is almost over. When I was in my teens and twenties I thought I would never get old. I just disqualified the notification. Most […]

Picking the Best Restaurants for Each Situation

Just because you love to cook does not mean you like to do so every day. However, it can be difficult to determine where to go when you want someone else to do the cooking. So how do you pick the best restaurants for your […]

Pressure on Pedals Tires You More than Spinning Fast

Experienced bicycle riders know that fatigue comes from how hard you press on the pedals, not how fast you turn them. Novice racers may try to ride with maximum force on the pedals, but they quickly exhaust themselves and often can not even finish the […]

Cheap Vacation Ideas for US Destinations and Abroad

If you’re not picky about where you go, budget travel packages are easy to find. If you want to go on vacation with your family, group of friends or co-workers, a romantic getaway, or solo adventure, there’s no need to spend a fortune. Regardless of […]

Planning Your Wedding In Australia – Ideas For Choosing The Right Location For You And Your Guests!

Weddings in Perth, Western Australia and Beyond! Australia’s North West from Exmouth to Broome and beyond! The Northern winter or dry season is April to September and boasts long days of blue skies and beautiful sunshine, some would say this is the perfect WA weather! […]

Guidelines to Follow To Find the Most Affordable Cruise Vacation Packages

Do you want to get the reasonable cruise vacation packages? Searching online from one site to another? Before looking at a dozen different websites, here are some tips for you to find the best cruise deals. 1. Try to be flexible with cruise vacation duration […]

Shopping Aids Designed For a Greener Planet

Europeans have always owned good quality, reusable, shopping bags , because they do a lot more of their shopping by walking the distance to the store. It is quite a shock for North-Americans to shop in Europe, pay for their goods at the till, and […]