Why A Nude Cruise Might Be The Right Vacation For You

What better occasion than National Nude Day — aka July 14 — to ponder the possibility of taking a clothing-free cruise?

We talked to a representative from one of the most popular and long-running nudest organizations to get the scoop on what a nude cruise is — and isn’t — as well as the audience they cater to.

Carnival Cruise Line

The 2021 Big Nude Cruise is set to sail this February aboard the Carnival Legend. (Photo via Carnival Cruise Line)

“You Only Live Once, So Why Not Try It?”

Next February, if everything goes as planned, the folks at Bare Necessities will host their 75th nude cruise, a two-week jaunt aboard the Carnival Legend.

We spoke to them last fall about the event, the organization as a whole, and what draws people to the idea of cruising nude.

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“I am a fan of water, period,” admitted spokesperson Rosie Ochoa. “Cruising, in general, is a great way to see multiple destinations in a short amount of time, make some notes about what you like and then go back and spend extra land time there.”

That said, bare cruisers tend to take the opposite approach. “Our passengers love the sea days more than the port time,” she shared, “so we always try to take that into consideration [when planning itineraries].”

Carnival Sunshine — featuring the most unique adult’s only Serenity area at sea — hosted the 2019 Big Nude Cruise

The sailings have become increasingly popular over the years. “We are growing every day,” admits Ochoa. “It’s pretty shocking actually!”

Asked why that is, she says, “I think people are realizing you only live once, why not try bare cruising?

They get on board and realize it is completely different from regular cruising, they have a blast and they want to make it an annual tradition.”

Why Bare Necessities Cruises Aren’t For Everyone

While bare cruisers are incredibly welcoming and understand how nervous first-timers can be, they are also quick to shoot down misconceptions.

Such as? “That naturists are disgusting, sex-crazed maniacs or that our cruises are for swingers,” laughs Ochoa.

In fact, the buzzword surrounding every aspect of Bare Necessities events is respect.

“Respecting confidentiality, personal space, the ship, the ship’s staff, the clothing requirements — and yes,” she adds, “we do have some clothing requirements — and respecting yourself.

We run a tight ship around these policies and have a zero-tolerance policy. I like to believe this is what makes us so successful. Feeling safe and being safe are things you can count on when you sail with us.”

As to who their clients are, Ochoa says the average age is mid-to-late 50s. “But,” she points out, “that’s taking into consideration our 30-year-old clients and our 90-year-old clients!”

Interestingly, the socioeconomic status seems to vary based on the size of the ship they’ve chartered.

But that, she adds, is where nudity becomes the great equalizer. “When you’re naked, you can’t tell rich from poor, and that’s why the practice of social nude recreation may solve world problems,” she laughs.

“But seriously, there is something to be said for self-acceptance and how that can lead to a more empathetic and caring world.”

For more on Bare Necessities, including upcoming cruises, click here.

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