Why We Cruise Wednesday: Sunsets

Why We Cruise Wednesday: Sunsets

What is it about a sunset, viewed from the deck of a cruise ship, that summons up so many different emotions? Perhaps it’s the sense of wonder that comes from seeing something so beautiful, so majestic, from the middle of the ocean, where we’re already reminded of how vast the world really is.

There’s a sunset every single day, and we can easily step outside our homes or offices and witness them. But when on land, we tend to only notice the sun’s slow descent if the result happens to be particularly stunning. Even then, we likely only comment on it quickly before going back to whatever else is happening around us.

But when cruising, things move a little bit slower. We have more time to stop and smell the proverbial roses. And so, as the nightly performance in the sky begins, you’ll find people sitting on their balconies with a glass of wine or lining the railing.

At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, most days end with what’s known as “The Kiss Goodnight.” As the park prepares to close for the evening, the tune When You Wish Upon a Star plays and the lights on Cinderella’s castle twinkle gently, creating a beautiful moment for guests before they depart. Sunsets might be thought of as the world sending us into the evening with a similar buss.

Sometimes, we watch the sun set over a tropical island on which we just had an amazing adventure. Or perhaps we marvel at the majesty of the sky being set ablaze on the horizon.

Like snowflakes, the sunset doesn’t last long, and each is unique. It begins slowly and then, in the final throes, goes by all too quickly. The transition between light and darkness complete, everything takes on a different feel, because the nighttime knows what the day didn’t dare to ponder.

The sun may have set, but the ship on which we’re sailing is only just beginning to come to life. There are drinks to be had and dancing to be done, and tomorrow, we’ll do it all over again.

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