Trends in Cruise Technology Entertainment to Look Out For

Trends in Cruise Technology Entertainment to Look Out For

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen massive changes in how the everyday person consumes media, whether it be articles, programs, videos, music, or photographs, to name a few. 

There has also been tremendous growth and development across how businesses are creating certain types of media we consume, and how marketing experts can use them to advertise. 

Media has now become entertainment in our lives, being watched and enjoyed across a range of platforms. These technology platforms are rapidly evolving too, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

Games, music, and movies are just three examples of entertainment we can consume through extremely advanced technology.

Here are the four latest cruise trends in technology entertainment. 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the one making the biggest waves for 2019 and beyond. Ever scroll through social media sites or websites and find advertisements popping up for brands you’re genuinely interested in? That’s AI working its magic. One of the first examples of AI working its magic was via American cable service TiVo, which made personalized recommendations purely based on the user’s TV watching habits.

Now, AI is busy creating new adverts and advanced movie trailers, all streamlined to appear in your social media feeds, game and movies adverts and general online browsing to bring you a personalized recommendation service constantly. 


Virtual and augmented reality


The use of VR and AR across entertainment is still relatively new, but it’s continuously captivating people as it starts to launch. 

One area in particular which will benefit from VR and AR is gaming, which will allow users to experience more life-like involvement, which super-advanced graphics and enhancements. This will be particularly exciting for those who enjoy online casino and slot games, like Unibet slots, who will be able to participate in the most cutting-edge game playing experience.

Online games can be played on mobiles, tablets and even TV screens, in which some involve casino situations and slot machines, where others have characters and themed settings. Either way, VR and AR will be bringing the gaming world to life, bringing a very sophisticated playing experience to many. 

Targeted advertisements

As personalized advertisements become more popular, it’s being said that across all entertainment technology, traditional ads will eventually fade out. As more people use their smartphones for every aspect of daily life, it’s being predicted that personalized, targeted advertisements will start popping up via WhatsApp and even SMS – bringing personalized ads into our everyday messaging systems. 

Voice systems

As we’re a nation now relying on voice-activated systems like Alexa and Google Home, from an entertainment technology viewpoint, 2020 will be the year that voice assistants could become the norm. 

There is currently lots of investment around voice-enabled assistants, where currently they are being developed to provide daily insight, diary management, playing music, and setting reminders. However, expect voice assistant to be soon able to deliver highly targeting advertisements and the delivery of fresh new content. This will all be directed and informed by the users’ actions and interests over time, creating a voice system that plays into your lifestyle. 

Sounds intriguing? Expect big things! The world of entertainment technology is constantly evolving, and we’re set to witness 2020 become the most advanced year for technology launches to date.

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