Hermanus – Whale Capital of the World

Yearly this beautiful small town in the Western Cape province of Southern Africa gets "visited" by mammals of the blue sea. Whale species flock to the area to reproduce, in the beautiful surroundings of our little whale capital of the world – Hermanus, previously named Hermanuspietersfontein. The annual arrival of the whales is a major tourist attraction which boosts the local economy incredibly one just have to notice the word "whale" in almost every second local company name to realize the impact our big ocean friends has made. Restaurants, hotels and self-catering accommodation establishments are the ones that really thrives during holiday season.

Together with the swift arrival of the whales you'll likely notice the buzz in town as the town center get ready for the arrival of tourists from all over the continent. September month is when the festivity reaches climax when the now, weekly Whale Festival takes place. The festival offers many fun filled activities for young and old. Various artists perform here during the course of the week and the street markets do their fair share to ensure something for everyone. From a tourist point of view the best time to do some whale watching is from April to December. Our long stretched beaches along the coast line also joins many inland visitors. With the beautiful surroundings, fun filled activities and attractions even the whales realize Hermanus is a destination to revisit.

Enjoy the sun, champagne air, friendly people and beautiful surroundings; truly a visit to refresh the spirit.

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