Tips For Traveling With Pets

Going on a holiday does not necessarily mean that you have to put your pets in a kennel or cattery. Many different types of accommodation are now pet friendly, from farm stays, hotels, bed and breakfasts and camping grounds. For many people their pets are like family and leaving them at a boarding facility is just not an option. When taking your pet on holiday there are a few simple tips you can follow to make traveling easier.

Flying with pets

If traveling involved flying then you will need to pre-book your pet on the flight. Contact the airline to see if there are any specific requirements for your pet to travel with them. It is likely you will have to arrive much earlier than you normally would for check-in and your pet will need to go into an airline pet crate.

Check accommodation

It is a good idea to find out how 'pet friendly' the accommodation is. Make sure there is secure fencing, find out whether you need to bring bedding and your own pet food, and whether your pets are allowed inside. If you are staying at a bed and breakfast or a farm stay you might want to ask when they have their own pets, just in case your pet does not interact well with other animals.

Vet check

Book your pet in for a visit to the vet before you go and make sure its vaccinations are up to date, and it is in good health. The vet can also print out your pet's medical history in case of an emergency. You might want to look in to what any potential risks are, for example warmer and more tropical climates are sooner to ticks, so find out what you need to know to help protect your pet. Also make sure your pet is free of fleas, as you do not want to infest other animals.

Any restrictions

Make sure there are no restrictions on where your pets can travel. There are restrictions on bringing domestic animals into national parks, state preservation areas, historic sites, nature reserves and Aboriginal heritage areas. Domestic pets are a hazard to wildlife and you will be unable to bring pets into these protected areas. Some areas you can bring dogs into, although only on a leash.

Other things to remember

Your pet needs to be secure while traveling to keep them safe in case of an accident, and also to stop them from becoming a potential miss if you do have to brake suddenly. You can buy harnesses for dogs which are made to fit with the seat belt, otherwise they can travel in the cargo area of ​​a car if separated by a divider. Cats travel better in a cage. Do not leave your pets in the car in hot weather as it can reach extreme temperatures inside and your pet can become dehydrated very quickly. You may want to bring your pet's bedding or favorite toy, and remember to bring the leash, a water bowl, food and waste disposal bags.

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