Exploring Rome in Style and Comfort

In any city in the world, the best option for a traveller wanting to travel in style and comfort as well as be located near the destination's main landmarks and tourist attractions is to book in to a design hotel. Rome gives particular truth to this statement, as most of this particular style of hotels are centrally located and allow tourists full, easy access to the breath-taking Italian capital.

The Monuments At Your Feet

Indeed, for tourists staying at a design hotel, Rome is likely to withhold very few secrets. Most of these establishments are located in such a way that the city's main monuments and sights are within walking distance or alternately, a short ride away using public transportation. From the best known attractions – the Coliseum and the Sistine Chapel – to some of the lesser-known museums and monuments just waiting to be discovered, guests will find that, when staying at a design hotel, Rome is almost literally at their feet.

Eateries For All Tastes

Another of the perks of booking a stay in a centrally located, upmarket hotel is the chance to eat at all sorts of cuisine in a variety of different establishments. From traditional trattorias frequented by the locals to exclusive luxury restaurants, most of the best eating places in the Italian capital will be just a short distance away from your accommodation. In addition, food tours can easily be accessed from most of these hotels, allowing guests to experience the best of Roman cuisine in an organized and structured way.

Family Fun

Although an upmarket establishment may not always be the most usual type of accommodation for them, families can also benefit from lodging at this type of facility. Not only are most of the city's attractions a short distance away, eliminating the need for the youngger members of the party to walk long distances, but many family-friendly and children-oriented activities are also close at hand.

Parents can, for instance, take their children on Segway or bicycle tours of the city, as well as enjoy skip-the-line tours of many other monuments. Alternately, the many parks and the Appian Way are easily accessible. By booking a family stay at a design hotel, Rome therefore opens itself to the younger members of the family as well!

The benefits of booking in to a stylish establishment in the Italian capital are evident – this type of accommodation perfectly balances luxury and convenience.

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