An Exotic Sri Lanka Holiday for the Experience of a Lifetime

Sri Lanka – A Pearl in the Indian Ocean

Known as a 'Tear Drop in the Indian Ocean', the island of Ceylon is a tear drop shaped country off the southern coast of India. Located in the northern part of the Indian Ocean, it is also known as the Emerald Isle and the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, owed to its lush landscapes, extreme greenery and picturesque locales. It is a diverse region, housing many religions, cultures and languages. The capital is Colombo, a metropolitan city in the heart of the region. The country is separated from India by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. According to legends, a bridge of stone steps connected the island to the south of India, and these steps can still be seen jutting out of the ocean. The geography of the island is mostly plains, with the landscape getting a bit mountainous in the south. The weather is humid and warm throughout the year.

Traveling to Sri Lanka

It is not called the Emerald Isle for no reason. Owing to its topography and climate, it is a biodiversity hotspot. With more than 100 rivers, several lagoons and estuaries and numerous wildlife sanctuaries, the country boasts one of the densest biodiversities in the Asia, whose relatively diminutive size. Travel in Sri Lanka is generally centered on its natural beauty. The country has bountiful flora and fauna, including indigenous elephants, leopards, and tigers. The island's tea plantations are abundant and add to the scenic quality of its landscape. Traveling in Sri Lanka is a delight, owing to its friendly locales, calm ambience and sheer verdancy. Maldives, another smaller island, is just an hour's flight from here. Tailor made tours to Sri Lanka usually give the option of clubbing Maldives to the itinerary.

A popular honeymoon destination

The island has grown to become a very popular honeymoon destination today. Many honeymooners travel in Sri Lanka to enjoy the serenity of the pristine beaches, lushness of the tea plantations, wildlife safaris in the national parks and mix of Hinduism and Buddhism cultures. The country is dotted with many predominant and beautifully designed Hindu and Buddhist concepts. A popular place to visit is Kandy, where the Temple of the Tooth is situated. This temple is a very important pilgrim site for Buddhists, as it contains a relic of Lord Buddha – his tooth. Other destinations in the island include Colombo, Sigiriya, Pollonaruwa, Galle, and Anuradhapura.

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