Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

A lot of women travel solo nowadays and of course they want to return home safe. When traveling, either locally or abroad, women have to put their safety first. It is important to keep safe at all times especially when traveling to unknown destinations. Life is very precious and should be protected. Traveling alone could feel very liberating, but just keep in mind that safety always comes first whenever traveling alone.

Traveling alone is a great experience, but it is also important to follow some safety tips that will surely keep a woman out of harm’s way. Here are some great tips that would be of help:

1) Awareness is the key.

While sight-seeing, it helps to remember the street names or landmarks that would tell where the person is exactly at that moment. It is also a must to be aware of one’s surroundings, and signs that someone might be tailing behind for some reason. Awareness is different from paranoia!

2) Use maps and guidebooks.

Big maps show that you are a tourist. If you want to avoid this, take a small guidebook instead. It could be used while out in the streets. This will avoid attracting too much attention as being a tourist.

3) Dressing down is helpful.

Dressing down makes a person less conspicuous and is comfortable. It also helps to get rid of expensive jewelry as they may attract attention.

4) Walk along lighted and well-trafficked streets.

Avoid going into dark alleys because that’s where opportunists usually lurk. Streets that have a steady stream of traffic are usually well-lighted and there are a lot of people as well.

5) Use covered luggage tags and locks for bags.

Covered luggage tags prevent prying eyes from seeing essential information. Don’t use any address, just put your (mobile) phone number on the tag. Locked suitcases are secure and cannot be opened easily unless it is hacked off.

6) Remember the hotel’s phone number as well as the police station’s phone.

If a traveler happens to be lost, having the hotel’s phone number (or the police) could help a person to go back to where he or she should be.

7) Divide money and credit cards: keep it in different places.

Do not keep all of the money in the wallet when you travel. Instead, divide it into smaller portions, and keep them in assorted places (some in the wallet, some in the pocket, some in a money bag secured to the belt loop, etc). In case thieves come and get something, they will not get everything.

These are just some safety tips that could be very helpful when women travel solo. It helps to be safe when traveling so that one’s life could be protected from harm. Following safety tips could go a long way and would help a person to protect one’s valuables as well. But most of all, life is preserved.

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