Quiet Generators

There you are safely located at your emergency retreat after several grueling days of travel. Upon arrival you have determined that the best policy to follow is to maintain a low profile so the less noise you make the better off you and your family are. After a quiet evening you decide that it is time to run up your generator to charge your battery banks. Without thinking you hit the starter switch and the whole area is blasted with the sounds emitting from your power source, so much for your stealth location.

Ever wonder how you could maintain a stealth posture at your retreat location when portable generators are usually so noisy. As I sat here awaiting the hurricane to arrive I began to wonder the same thing involving the excessive sound, I quickly looked and discovered that one does not really have much of a selection to choose from when deciding upon a make and model.

There are only a few major companies which specialize in the manufacture of small generators with Onan being at the top of the list. This is a company which has been in existence for a number of years, making generators ranging from small gasoline powered units to the mega-watt diesel varieties. You generally are offered your choice as to the fuel being used in your generator whether it is diesel, gasoline or propane. In fact, Onan is probably the only company which makes relatively silent generators, so you really have little choice in the matter. When you consider that the other companies could very easily create their own series of quiet generators companies such as Honda, Kimpor or Yamaha have simply passed the opportunity up. A ready market exists for those built-in versions of their portable suitcase generators if they only would build them to be quietly operated.

Years ago I recall that just such a unit was readily available for small ocean crafts ranging from 30 foot to the intense cruise ships. These generators were fairly common aboard many of the light crafts used by the layman. If memory serves me correctly the company involved was called "Northern Lights". They created several top of the line power plants for a wide variety of boats and needs.

The secret behind these generators were something known as a "hush box" which allows someone to stand immediately next to it as it is running. During that time the person could hold a complete conversation in a normal voice tone.

Think for a moment what I have just laid out here for you. Are you inventive? Do you have a crisp imagination waiting to be unleashed? Then perhaps you will take this idea for the "hush box" and run with it. To design one really should not be too difficult and it certainly would add to your anonymous whereabouts after the balloon goes up.

By Joseph Parish

Copyright @ 2011 Joseph Parish

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