Blooms With Meaning – The Symbolism of Flowers in Thailand

In many different cultures, flowers hold special meaning. Giving different types of flowers in different social situations can carry a significant meaning to both the person giving the flowers as well as the recipient of the flowers. In addition to the types of flowers, different colored flowers can also carry with them a different meaning. What’s more, the meaning of flowers in Thailand can carry with it a significantly different meaning than those in other parts of the world. For instance, in the United States, white flowers are common to celebrate weddings and births while in Thailand white flowers are given in funerals.

Many flowers carry a common symbolic mean in Thailand. Roses in general are symbolic of love, but the color of the rose can carry a different meaning. Red roses are often associated with romantic love while yellow roses are associated with platonic love or friendship. Chrysanthemums and Daisies are given as a sign of friendship and happiness.

Some flowers have double meanings. For instance, the lilac can mean both love and the absence of passion. The peony can mean both a happy marriage as well as shame. The petunia can represent both a soothing presence as well as a presence that invokes anger. The gladioli can symbolize both the need for a break from a relationship as well as sincerity.

Flowers, and more importantly giving flowers, are an important part of culture in Thailand. Flowers are given to a hostess for a dinner party or other such event as well as various other events and situations, including eternal love. It is important to learn the meaning of flowers before selecting blooms, as many in Thailand are aware of their special meanings, and giving a flower with the wrong meaning can have negative ramifications. However, selecting the right blooms can carry special significance and endear the recipient to you.

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