Villas, Sun & Florida

When traveling with a family on your vacation you have to be creative when it comes to your accommodations. Cost is usually number one on everyone's list when looking for a place to stay. While you can find hotels that offer adjoining rooms or business hotels that offer a small suite, a family tends to find themselves cramped and uncomfortable.

Orlando is located in the central region of Florida and is home to the Disney Parks, Universal Studios, MGM, SeaWorld, and much more. All geared to keeping your family entertained and having you spend your vacation dollars. The most important thing to remember is that it is just like a home. It has a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms and family space. The rentals have artwork, televisions, BBQ grills, all your kitchen silverware, plates, and so much more. You actually feel like you are visiting and staying with someone when you choose a villa for your vacation.

Florida villas can include single family homes, villages, townhomes, and condominium units. Florida villas are often overlooked as an accommodation choice, especially when going for Orlando holidays. Having your own full kitchen allows you to save money by not having to spend money on eating out all the time. Any member of the family can go in the kitchen to make a snack or sandwich whenever they want. Having your own living room, deck, patio, and / or back yard is also a major plus.

After spending an exhausting day at a Disney Amusement Park the last thing you want to do is spend the night in a hotel room where you can usually only sit on your bed. Your villa allows you the opportunity to spend quiet time alone in your bedroom or with the family in the living areas, watching TV or rehashing the day's activities. Some villas even include their own private pool or shared pool facilities. You might also find that some rentals have playground equipment for the younger kids too. If you decide to relax one day and not visit the parks then you can easily stay in your rental and have fun with your family. You will not feel trapped inside a small hotel room.

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