Managing Incontinence While Traveling

Do you have incontinence and you are a frequent flyer? The best thing that you should do is to get yourself prepared all the time, especially during the flight. A lot of people gets embarrassed because they were not prepared for the flight and that they have incontinence.

There are many incontinence products out there that you can use so you will not have problems leaking when you are not expecting to. Since people who are old or those who are sick are the ones that usually have incontinence, it is true that you should prepare the things that they are going to use before they do their daily activities.

The most common incontinence product is the adult diaper. This is the most basic item to prevent these people from leaking in public. These diapers work exactly the same with a baby diapers. It catches the urine of the person so it will not scatter and come out unnoticed.

As a person with incontinence, you must be prepared for all the activities that you do, especially if you are going on a trip. But most of the time, it is someone who is close to you, like your loved ones that needs these things. This is mostly because they are old enough, sick or impaired. As a result, you must prepare it for them because they are usually unaware of it.

If you are traveling with a person who has an incontinence problem, you must have all their incontinence supplies around, so that if person needs to go to the bathroom or unnoticeably leaked, then there is no problem because you were prepared. It is also advisable that you must have all the necessary products that this person needs.

You can also manage these people's incontinence by making them avoid over consumption of diuretics, antidepressants, antihistamines and cough-cold medicines. This will help them process fewer products in their body. Also, these people must perform Kegel exercises in a daily basis so that they will stay fit for the rest of the day. Double voiding is also a good thing to do as a preparation. This is a process where the person urinates and waits for a few seconds and then urinates again. This will help them get used to controlling the urination movement. In addition to that, this person must retrain the bladder. this is a process where this person should urinate every three to six hours only.

People with incontinence must eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains everyday so that they can control and prevent constipation, especially if they are going for a trip. Healthy living is always the best solution to any health problems. If this person is a smoker, he or she must refuse from doing so because the nicotine from cigarettes irritates the bladder which helps your incontinence problems get worse.

There are numerous protective devices and products that you must prepare for the person with incontinence when flying. Some of them are the bed pads, combination pad-pant systems, disposable or reusable adult diapers, full-length absorbent undergarments, male incontinence drip collectors and underwear liners. The underwear liners come with pads, guards, shields and inserts. It is better that you are prepared than to get embarrassed especially during the flight.

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