New Cargo Ship Routes

Sea Travel Ltd has released a few new freighter routes including destinations like Asia-Gulf of Mexico-United States East Coast-Mediterranean Sea- United Arab Emirates.

There are weekly departures aboard British Flag Container vessels carrying 5,100 TEUs built 2008. These Vessels have comfortable cabins for passengers – 2 double and 1 single cabins are available and each with separate sitting and sleeping areas, and with private en-suits.

Another wonderful opportunity for those wishing to visit India and North America will be the new India America Express Service (INDAMEX) with itinerary Indian Sub Continent-Mediterranean Sea – North America East Coast aboard Bahamas Flag Ships.

Departures are approximately every 2 months as there are only two vessels employed in this service with rotation of approximately 55 days round voyage. The rotation gives a good opportunity for connecting with other freighter services worldwide although embargo or disembarkation in some ports is not allowed due to custom regulations.

Visa regulations are usually different when traveling aboard a Cargo ship. For Indamex Service particularly Visa for India is always mandatory as well as yellow fever vaccination and full visa for US for all non US citizens. US visa must be a tourist visa type B1 / B2 and ESTA form is not valid due to the fact that cargo ships are not part of the US Visa Waiver Program.

With regards to the visa regulations it is always better, travelers to check with proper permissions of any particular requirements because usually the shipping carriers would not take responsibility. From personal experience best is to have the information in writing from the corresponding embassies according to the travel destination.

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