Eurostar Disneyland Paris

Enjoy all the delights that Disneyland Paris has to offer this weekend.

Disneyland Paris bought all the Disney experiences to be found in their parks in the USA to Europe in 1992. But thanks to Eurostar Disneyland Paris has now become one of the most popular day and long weekend destinations for many theme park fans across Britain and Europe.

Today you can go directly from Waterloo Station London to Disneyland park without ever having to change trains. When you visit Disneyland Paris you will see that it offers you all the successful elements to be found in its five imaginary lands and is just on the outskirts of Paris.

Today you are able to get a daily service from London and Ashford Direct which will deliver you to the Disneyland Paris station and takes around three hours to get there. Then within 15 minutes your can either be settling into your hotel room or if you would prefer you can leave your luggage at the station and it will be delivered to your hotel why you take full advantage of getting some time at the park itself.

The train departs from London at 09.37 each day and then returns from Disneyland Paris at 19.35 each day. In fact this train is more affectionately known as the Disney Train the Disneyland Resort Paris representatives appear during the journey and will hand out fun packs for the children to them amused whilst on the journey. But with so much excitation on the train it is not only difficult for the kids to keep still but the adults find it difficult also.

But if you want to ensure that you and your family are provided with the highest level of comfort possible during the journey it may well be worth paying an additional sum so that you can travel first class. During the journey when traveling first class with Eurostar to Disneyland Paris you will be served a meal midway through it and also drinks are offered to you at regular intervals. So you will not need to end up walking backwards and forwards through endless carriages in order to carry food and drinks from the buffet car because your kids are hungry or thirsty.

So if you are looking for the way of giving your child that birthday they will always remember then why not considering booking some Eurostar Disneyland Paris tickets for the whole family.

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