Portable X-Ray Machines

Many medical offices rely on portable x-ray systems to help them meet the needs of patients who cannot travel to their facilities for treatment. Physicians who work in nursing homes, sports stadiums or on cruise ships will need a portable x-ray imaging medical device to help them take digital medical images for patients who are not at a home medical facility. When the portable digital x-ray machine is coupled with a PACS system loaded onto a laptop computer with a wireless Internet connection, the physician will be able to not only capture digital images, but also view them, transmit them and then store them with the help of the computer system.

A portable x-ray system that produces DICOM medical images brings all the practicality found in a full office-sized radiology suite to your off-site patients but in a compact package. Systems are available featuring CR or DR imagers, and both can be used in a portable environment. These mobile imagers are typically used with wheeled carts, making it easy to move the equipment to the patient. The weight of the equipment is much lighter than a full-sized imager, and comes in at around ninety pounds. Models are available that can fit into a mobile unit, making it much easier to pack and unpack the necessary devices to obtain the digital images that you need.

You can gain an extra level of versatility from the portable equipment when you also utilize a PACS system on a laptop personal computer. The PACS component will allow you to view, send, receive and archive the digital images that you take while away from your home office. This means that you can use the laptop as you would a workstation. The PACS will help you enhance the digital images that you take, and you can immediately send them over a secure wireless Internet connection to consulting physicians who have access to a workstation running PACS. Peripherals such as printers can also be attached to the laptop computer, allowing you to print if needed. You can also store the digital DICOM images that you take while away from the home facility on your laptop, or send them via the Internet to a secure storage archive, where they will be ready for you or other colleagues to access when needed.

A medical imaging distributor website can help you learn more about portable x-ray systems and will allow you to determine which portable x-ray imaging medical device will work best for you.

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