How to Become a Pro BMX Rider and Earn Money Doing What You Love

Riding as a professional BMX rider includes several aproaches for anyone that likes to ride BMX. One possible approach is the professional street BMX riding, flat land professional BMX, professional vertical and BMX half pipe riding that star in ESPN X Games and NBC’s Dew Tour. Other areas it is possible to go professional for BMX enthusiasts is BMX motocross. BMX motocross is not only an Olympic sport it is also featured on the Dew Tour and includes two professional racing leagues, the American Bicycle Association and the National Bicycle League.

The advent of the X Games and the later creation of the dew Tour, has vaulted most styles of BMX to the fore front. The most popular BMX events at the X Games are the half pipe, super half pipe and the X Games Big Air. For someone wanting to break into these type of events as a professional rider is to qualify as the individual tours travel across the country.

There are also local shows in most cities that include professional street and flat land professional BMX riding contests. Winning a local contest can launch a relatively unknown rider into the national spotlight if the event receives coverage from a national BMX rider magazine. Learning tricks and technique is as easy as traveling to the local skate park. Many professional BMX riders hone their skills right along every day BMX riders.

Acquiring sponsorship from BMX bike manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and BMX parts manufacturers is as easy as posting videos on the Internet. Posting a video on the Internet will give a potential BMX professional an outlet to show new tricks and get their name into the mix. The more style and new tricks that are displayed by a BMX rider on their Internet video postings, the more likely a rider can sign sponsorship contracts.

Sponsors are looking for style as much as substance. A rider that is flamboyant and stylish while doing tricks and has a great persona while speaking in front of a camera is gold for a BMX sponsor. Their goal is for the riders they sponsor to represent them on and off the bike.

One aspect of being sponsored is that of promotion. Many sponsors require their riders to make appearances for them in cities across the country. This helps the rider not only gain exposure it also helps the sponsor sell their products.

professional BMX motocross is another way to become a BMX professional rider. There are two ways in which a rider can become a professional. The American Bicycle Association is the original professional BMX motocross series and features professional BMX riders that travel across the country with the national tours. professional BMX events are on a course that includes large table top jumps, a rhythm section and large wide berms in the corners to allow for passing.

To become a professional rider in the American Bicycle Association is easy. Race through the ranks from beginner to expert and win to rise to the next level. There are professional beginner classes to ease riders into the professional class and once racing against the professional BMX riders it is easy to catch the eye of BMX sponsors. The goal to gain sponsorship in BMX motocross is the same as all forms of BMX disciplines. Personality and style are just as important as talent.

National Bicycle League is another form of BMX motocross and it is home to most BMX riders that race in the Olympic BMX motocross events. National Bicycle League competitions across the country also and professional BMX classes are extremely competitive. riders that compete at the high level of the National Bicycle League can rise to national prominence quickly.

The fans follow BMX riders with fierce loyalty and the riders are beloved in the tight knot community of fans. What sponsors are looking for is a rider that will transcend this and rise to national professional eminence much like a Matt Hoffman or Ryan Nyquist.

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