The Three Best Fixed Gear Bicycles to Buy

Fixed gear bikes are single speed bikes that are generally used for casual and fun riding. You can let your legs go free on the pedals when riding down a steep hill and feeling the breeze in your face. It is minimalist in design and does not include many tiers of gears like the mountain bike. Many people like fixed gear bikes because it is cheap and works for meeting their daily commuting needs. It is the perfect bike to get if you are worried about your bike getting stolen when you park it outside. The following are the three best fixed gear bikes in 2017.

1. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is an inexpensive single speed bike with a neon color scheme design. The neon color scheme is fun and fashionable in design. When people see your bike, they will surely give you a lot of compliments.

It is a cheap bike but the parts are of high quality. The hybrid tires allow your bike to travel at a rather fast speed. The bike is well-built and has some weight due to the steel frame. Even though it is heavy, it offers a fast and smooth ride.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a great road bike for beginners. The bike can be easily assembled in just a few minutes. You only need to have some basic knowledge on allen and socket wrenches to assemble it. To assemble the bike, you must attach the seat, pedals, handle, and wheels in place. The rest of the parts come assembled in the package.

Before riding it on the street, make sure you have already tighten up all the bolts and nuts. The parts are cheap and can be easily found at the local bicycle shops if you need to replace them. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is easy to upgrade with better parts if you want the bike to be more powerful.

The bike is durable and won’t easily get damaged when you ride over pot holes, or bumps or pavement or grassy area. It is suitable for use in daily commuting around the neighborhood. You can use it for commuting to places that are about 6 – 20 miles away. The bike is recommended for those who are looking for an affordable bike that look great and can travel at a fast speed. It is also a great bike for exercising your leg muscles.

2. Pure Fix Glow Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Glow Single Speed Fixie Bike is a sleek and nice looking bike that offers a smooth ride. Some parts of the bike such as frame and tyre rims are covered with solar activated paints. These parts will glow on its own at night if your bike is exposed to more than 1 hour of sunlight.

There are several types of neon colors to choose from including yellow, dark green, hyper green, and white. The neon tyres will reflects off any light that is shined on it making your bike easy to spot on at night. The neon color of the bike will get you a lot of attentions from the people around and you are definitely going to receive many compliments.

The bike is super light and you can easily carry it to the bicycle rack on the public bus. The single speed gear is suitable for climbing a moderate hill. The steel frame is available in sizes from 43 cm – 64 cm. The frame is covered with a lifetime warranty while the components are covered with a one year warranty. You must assemble the bike correctly if you want to claim the warranty.

The fixed gear bike is easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes using standard tools such as allen wrench. You can watch the PureFix bicycle assembly video on YouTube or take it to a local bike shop to assemble it. Although it is an inexpensive bike, the parts are high in quality. The tires are durable and won’t easily deflate when you travel for long miles.

Pure Fix Glow Single Speed Fixie Bike is suitable to be used as a main transportation mode for far distances in the city or for commuting to the nearby shops. You can also use it to ride to a nearby college campus. The bike will fit you no matter if you are a short person that is just 4′ 7″ feet tall or a tall person with a height taller than 6 feet.

3. Dublin Single Speed Bike

Dublin Single Speed Bike is a geometric style single speed bike with bullhorn handle bars. The bullhorn handle bars offer maximum comforts and give you a good grip when you are riding the bike fast. The handles arrived with the wrapping already fixed into it.

It has both the front and rear caliper brakes so you don’t have to use the pedal to break. There is a chain guard that protects the bicycle chain. The bike frame is made from 700C 4130 Chromoly and it is available in three sizes including 52 cm, 56 cm and 60 cm.

As a fixed gear bike, it comes with most of the parts assembled. Toe clips and easy to understand instruction manual are included for assembling the remaining parts of the bike. It will take you about 25 minutes to assemble the bike.

The bike can hold quite a number of weights without causing any damage to the tire. You can ride it as a single speed or fixed gear bike. It is a tough bike that can withstand various types of external impacts. Hence, the bike is suitable for use in riding during harsh weathers like rain and snow.

Dublin Single Speed Bike gives you a solid feel and you can ride it for a long distance without any problem. The bike is fast and does not make a lot of noises when you are riding it. It works great for people who need a bicycle as an everyday transportation.

You will find that it meets your need if you are looking for a bicycle that you can maneuver fast around the city. You can use the bike to commute for hundreds of miles without any problem. The bike is suitable for riders who have a height of 5′ 7″ to slightly taller than 6′.


In conclusion, above is a list of the best fixed gear bikes for anyone who is looking to buy a bicycle on a budget. It is just as efficient as the highend bike and you will find that it is well worth every penny of your money. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy the sophisticated mountain bike as those bikes are for racing not for commuting purposes. Fixed gear bicycles are lighter compared to all terrain bikes and this allows you to maneuver the bike easily on the street as you travel to your destination.

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