Vancouver Travel Guide For Tourists

It is the largest metropolitan region of Canada which is known for its aesthetic allure and statuesque beauty. More often than not, Vancouver has been rated by its residents as the best place to stay in. As of its significance in tourists, it is a very thought-after place.

Of all the cities of Canada, only two are blessed with moderate climates namely, Vancouver and Victoria. In winter, rain lashes all parts of the city but in summer, rainfall is significantly less as compared to other cities of Canada. Violent snowfalls are infrequent but if they occur, they are a major hurdle in the smooth flow of traffic in the region. Visit between July and October to have the best weather of Vancouver, be at your service.

Reaching Vancouver and Traveling Around
If you are fond of traveling through airplanes than you can choose to land anywhere in Vancouver since there are a number of options for this purpose, such as Vancouver International Airport, Abbotsford International Airport does not exclude the facilities of heliports and floatplanes. Greyhound, Quick coach and Pacific coach lines are the famous bus services that are less expensive and more fun-filled. If you like traveling by train, you can use VIA Rail or The Rocky Mountaineer. Boats and Cruise Ships are also a very sensible option if you want to be lost in the beauty of Vancouver. All these amenities can be made use of, to travel onto inter-city destinations. In addition to use car, taxi and bicycle can also be utilized travel around.

Culture and Festivals
Vancouver is a city lively and dynamic with all kinds of cultural festivals in terms of concerts, theaters and operas. Chinese New year, Dragon Boat festival and HSBC celebration of light are the famous activities loved by visitors. Cooking festivals and International film festivals are also celebrated with noted vigor in Vancouver.

Eating, Drinking and Shopping
Vancouver has a lot to offer anyone who visits it on the accounts of food, drinks and purchasing. The diversified range of delicious cuisines and price structure at which they are offered, is a fact loved by all and sundry. Asian food, Chinese food and Sushi are easily available and there are a number of good dim-sun restaurants that are hits among Chinese residents in Vancouver. The hustle and bustle of the night time in Vancouver is easily visible at night in a variety of pubs and clubs. Famous streets to enjoy the night life in are central business district, Main Street and the Broadway Street. If you are an adherent shopper than the major areas of your interest would be Robson Street, Pacific Center and Gastown.

General trend of pricing for places of residence meant for tourists is based on astronomical pricing strategy. Per night stay in hotels of known repute can cost around $ 200- $ 250. Contrary to the popular belief, overnight stay at motels has the potential of costing around $ 150- $ 200. Thank you lucky stars, if you somehow can have access to hostel rooms since they barely cost $ 20 per night. City center is the hub of all tourist attractions and is therefore the heart of accommodation for the tourists visiting Vancouver.

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