Choosing the Right Wheelchairs And Mobility Equipment

The Wheelchair and Mobility equipment industry, like all others, experiences

the same phenomena of consumerism including choice, independence, competition, variety etc.

People with various handicaps need to/ would want to make decisions, and of course informed decisions on the type of wheelchair they buy. Access to reliable information on wheelchairs and mobility equipment is in many cases not readily available unless one has access to a reliable provider of the information or therapist. Of major concern in the choice of wheelchair/seating equipment is the level of disability and dependence/independence.

Other limiting factors in choosing the right wheelchair is cost. Wheelchairs and mobility/seating equipment can be quite expensive and may sometimes require arrangement with third party players (e.g. donors, life insurance providers, Medicare providers, family etc) who may feature quite prominently in its acquisition. The implication is that the equipment purchased must meet the minimum requisite for the particular person/purpose. This is because third party players may not be available for recourse if the equipment purchased is not befitting the purpose or need of the intended owner(s).

People needing rehabilitation equipment such as wheelchairs will therefore require to consult widely and gather as much information from the market as possible on what is available, flexibility, accessories, maintenance & servicing, durability and of course pricing before making a choice. The difficult part is that in many instances the buyer may be limited in their search and would therefore need the guidance/participation of their families and therapists at various levels of the process.

A glimpse at what is currently available in the wheelchair industry can be accessed on the Internet with interesting new developments.

All in all a wheelchair must suit its owner, whether he/she is able to take care of himself or is largely dependent on support from others. Additional features and accessories will always reduce the level of dependence on others. Where possible a manufacturer may even customize a wheelchair for a particular person or purpose. The most recent wheelchair has such enhanced functions as ability to climb stairs, curbs, traverse gravel sand and so on. But then you part with $30,000.

Remember they say that a return to normality is immeasurable, irreplaceable and priceless.

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