Playa Del Carmen Condos – Luxury, Nature, and Urban Atmosphere

If you choose to live in Mexico, especially in Playa del Carmen, you will notice a trend of progress, economic growth and general lifestyle improvement which has made acquiring property in Mexico much more than just owning real estate; living in Mexico includes an enjoyable, safe, comfortable and neighborly lifestyle. As a buyer you may consider Playa del Carmen Luxury Condos on the downtown beachfront or in the Puerto Aventuras Marina development, or you might prefer the luxury villas in the "El Cielo" community known as Villas Tranquilidad, at the north end of Playa del Carmen or perhaps a beautiful and pleasant home in the quiet, gated community of Playacar.

Whatever your preference you will notice that Playa del Carmen's real estate developments, as well as established communities with re-sale properties, are combining features of safety and a very beautified atmosphere. Villas Tranquilidad, for example, lies within the new community of "El Cielo." The six villas offer private yards as well as shared green space with a pool and a "palapa" – a hut-style shelter for BBQs, etc. "El Cielo" itself has been designed to integrate its natural settings in a way to be enjoyed by residents either walking to the beach, or going for a bike ride on the intensive trail.

Luxury Condos in Playa del Carmen also offer excellent security, as well as beautiful design often including such items as palm trees and other local plant life in the building's courtyard. And, there's no better way to enjoy living on the beach than a balcony overlooking the ocean, where you can feel the warm breeze and see Cozumel in the distance.

But Playa del Carmen's livability factor is not limited to the property you buy. The famous Fifth Avenue is shaded with full, tall trees in many places, and the bricked pedestrian road makes walking a visual pleasure that compliments the excellent restaurants, bars, stores and cafes. Through the city, there are nice little parks, frequented by the Mexican locales and non-Mexican families alike. New, large road ways are being built in the new part of the city with palm lined medians.

Even the new working class neighborhoods show the development of excellent atmosphere. In a recent real estate development on the western edge of the city (10 min from downtown and the beachfront), the developer joined forces with the municipal government to reserve and retain areas of local flora and parks for the residents; Also, as areas were cleared for development, 10 thousand plants were rescued, which were replanted through the division and will be donated to the families who buy the properties.

For American and Canadian condo or villa buyers, this type of effort promotes the positive, neighboringly atmosphere enjoyed in Playa del Carmen by the wide variety of residents who have made this city their home.

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