More Surprise Charges on Cruise Bargains

A cruise vacation may be the most luxurious trip you ever take. Cruise bargains offer gourmet cuisine, 5 star service, Vegas style events, and the chance to explore many exotic cultures. But when looking for cruise bargains, a few hidden surprises can spoil your trip. The Caribbean 5 night cruise you saw advertised sounds like a cruise bargain, but is it really?

If you have not booked a cruise previously, you may be shocked to learn that your actual price has several elements. Usually published fares and ads do not show the hidden extra costs. This generates more interest in the specials, but in reality many are not true cruise bargains once the complete cost is total.

Look for these hidden gotchas once you have embarked on your cruise bargain:

Drink Charges

The cruise bargain industry has moved toward pay as you go pricing to extract small fees through your time onboard. Expect to shell out for alcohol, of course, but also soda, espresso, and even bottled water on a lot of cruise bargains. The unlimited soda plan is advisable if you like soft-drinks, and certainly for kids, as you will save. Make sure to bring a water bottle and fill it up onboard to minimizeize inflation charges.

Spa Services

When you think of a cruise bargain do you imagine a Swedish massage on the sunny lido deck? You can definitely fulfill your fantasy, but you know it will cost you extra, right? How about a manicure for formal night? For many, spa treatments are synonymous with cruise bargain luxury, but you will pay premium prices for the service. However, if you book your spa treatment on a day when the ship is in port, you could get a significant discount, since most cruisers will be in town seeing the sights.

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are group trips when the ship is in port. The number and variety of events is mind-boggling with trips for every activity level, budget, and interest. The good is that these excursions may well be the highlight of your cruise bargain. The bad, however, is that shore excursions can really blow your budget if you do not exercise a little restraint. Prices range from a budget-friendly $ 25 all the way up to $ 300 or more per person depending on the events offered.

Again, shore excursion fees are added to your shipboard tab for convenience, but watch out for the surprise bill that is always more than expected at the end of your cruise bargain. Instead, try to select just a couple of activities that you really want to do badly. You will get more bang for your buck doing one really memorable excursion, than if you picked two cheaper ones that were just so-so.

Be careful about extra expenses once you are onboard or your cruise bargain will start to look like a rip-off. Cruises offer an astonishing selection of no-cost entertainment, so do not feel like you have to pull out your wallet to enjoy your voyage.

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