Make Losing Weight Fun With Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne the 100 Calorie Way

Every December, I pack up Grandma and the kids and we take a cruise vacation. Last December we sailed out of Fort Lauderdale on Holland America's Eurodam. It was our first time sailing with Holland America and we absolutely loved it. The Eurodam was a brand new ship and a step above what I was used to. For example, I never liked those plastic tumblers and coffee cups you have to use at most cruises' buffets. The Eurodam had real glasses and real coffee cups. A minor detail to most folks, but I'm picky that way. What else? The fresh flower arrangements through the ship were amazing! I love fresh flowers and make sure to have them in my home all the time. Fresh flowers create a positive environment and they uplift my spirit.

The Eurodam has a special feature that we thoroughly enjoyed. You can reserve a private cabana on the Observation Deck in The Retreat. Can you imagine, your own special spa retreat overlooking the sea? We were treated like royalty. In addition to delicious fruit kabobs daily, we were served an exceptionally special treat every day at 4:00; decadent chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Of course, you can guess where we were at 4:00 everyday! I've had chocolate covered strawberries before, but these were to die for! The Eurodam is doing it right! Picture yourself sailing in the wide open azure sea, the warm sun kissing your body, the wind in your hair and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Now that's living.

It gets better! Chocolate covered strawberries are actually a low calorie food at about 100 calories for each sweet and juicy, red ripened strawberry. Champagne is only 100 calorie for 5 oz. So we could have this delicious treat for about 200 calories and still lose weight while on our cruise! YUM!

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