The Many Reasons Why You Should Visit Melaka Malaysia

Melaka is a small, yet very interesting town in Malaysia. The small city has a lot to tell, when it comes to the history of the country, which you can easily tell, once you see the structures of the buildings around, and the ambiance and scenery as well.

There are many reasons why you should consider visiting Melaka in Malaysia, and this article will give you a quick list of what to see and expect, once you arrive there.

Reasons To Visit Melaka In Malaysia

1. Boutique Hotels – since Melaka is slowly becoming one of the favorite tourist spots in Asia, the locals are adding more and more boutique hotels that will cater to the needs of every traveler. There are boutique hotels in the best locations of the city, where accessibility to shopping centers, restaurants, and other tourist spots, there are high-end boutique hotels where businessmen and other high-profile people can stay safely and peacefully, and there are also budget boutique hotels, where a common travel can rest, sleep, and feel comfortable, after a day of touring and exploring the beautiful city of Melaka.

2. Perfect For People Who Loves History – many people are fascinated with the idea of gaining knowledge about the history of a place, the culture, and the people. If history is your favorite subject, then you will definitely love Melaka.

3. Perfect For People Who Loves Shopping – Melaka is a town packed with shopping outlets, thrift stores, galleries, and even shops selling the most unusual finds that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. You can buy a lot of different things in Melaka, you can even buy pieces of ornaments made by locals, in order for you to have a physical remembrance of your visit in the said place.

4. Cruising – you can spend a romantic and peaceful time with a loved one on a river cruise in Melaka. This is one good way for you to part yourself from the busy life of the city, and enjoy a peaceful and serene feel, while cruising.

5. Food – the food is definitely fantastic in Melaka. There are authentic cuisines that you can try, and even take home, if you wish. You can also try out some Chinese infused cuisines, which are equally delicious and delectable, like what the local have for their authentic dish.

6. Tourist Spots Everywhere – you will find a lot of tourist spots in the city of Melaka. Most of them showing old buildings and heritage, which the locals are very proud of. But aside from old architecture, you will also find modern facilities like the A’Fomosa resort, where the entire family will enjoy a splash in the pool, while enjoying the beautiful nature around the resort.

7. Coral Wonderland – for people who loves the marine life, a visit to the Coral Wonderland is definitely the way to go. There, people will be able to see the colourful life of the underwater, and play around with some of the most exotic marine life. The Coral Wonderland is actually considered as the largest touch pool found in Asia.

8. Nature Trip – if you want to go nature tripping, and see the delicious fruits and plants that grows in Melaka, then you should visit D Paradise.

9. Hard Rock Cafe – if you think Melaka is about the “old stuff” only, then you are mistaken. The young and outgoing people can enjoy the night life listening and dancing to cool music at the Hard Rock Cafe, found in Melaka.

These are the different reasons why you should consider visiting Melaka in Malaysia.

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