Meet the New Disney Ship

Have you heard about the new Disney cruise ship? Yes the news is true and the ship made its initial voyage January 26, 2011 in port Canaveral, Florida. If you have experienced cruising the old ships of Disney, this ship will excite you as it is really a new extravaganza. With the ship coming out with a fresh design and image, you can not help but be intrigued.

Meet the "Disney Dream"! The first new Disney Ship in a decade, the Dream takes its cruisers to a new level of entertainment.

The most innovative new attraction of the ship is … the "Aquaduck." It is the "water coaster" that only Disney could have conceived of. Water slides are not unusual on cruise ships, but this one offers a few new twists. This ride utilizes the same Master Blaster technology employed at Disney theme parks to catapult riders forward and upward as they shoot through a series of turns, twists, and drops while riding an inflatable raft through the Aquaduck's clear tube.

This ride measures 765 feet long, and winds around a significant portion of the top deck. It raises four stories off the top deck, and the excitation is intense enough that Disney has instituted height limit for riders. Of course, like most attractions on Disney's ships, this one is included with the cost of sailing.

While while not innovative, not to be overlooked are the interesting themed restaurants aboard the Dream. The three "rotational dining" eateries offer a themed dining experience.

The Enchanted Garden is based on the gardens of Versailles and offers "continental market cuisine." The Royal Palace serves princess treatment along with French cuisine. And the Animator's Palate is a carryover from the Magic and Wonder vessels, dishing up Pacific Rim fare.

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