Fed Proposal Threatens 10 Million Cruise Passengers with a Rescheduling Nightmare

The Cruise Lines International Association warns that about 10 million cruise vacationers in the United States are threatened with having their cruises re-scheduled or outright taken without a new federal proposal is lifted.

A new interpretation of an 1866 maritime law is being proposed by the Federal Governments Homeland Security Agency (Customs and Border Protection Agency) aimed at Cruise Lines Serving the Hawaiian Cruise Market but effects operations at most West Coast US Ports used by the Cruise Industry. The Proposal's implementation would severely limit the options available for most Hawaiian Cruise Line Operators.

An 1886 maritime law requires foreign registered ships to call on at least to one foreign port for 48 hours if they stop at two US ports. The American Association of Port Authorities said money spent on cruise facilities would be put to waste if the federal government changes the rules.

Coupled with the recent changes in the Passport Rules for reentry into the US by her own citizens These types of Federal efforts seem counter productive to the large investments by US Port Authorities to attract more Cruise Vacation Tourist with upgrades to their facilities!

With the explosion of the Cruise Industry over the past 10 years one has to wonder why any proposal that cuts into US Destinations would be tolerated. The loss of tourist dollars for this country should not be the result of any government action. The Federal Government needs to make this the best possible situation for Vacation Cruisers and encourage Tourism and the accompanying dollars that follow not engage in these kind of senseless actions.

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