Cruise Ship Photos You Can Buy From The Cruise Line

Your cruise will have a photographer on board taking cruise ship photos if it is a major cruise line. It seems that these photographers never run out of film, snapping pictures at all hours of the day, at every activity imaginable. There are several types of photos these professionals take.

Formal Photographs

Any time your ship has a formal night, you can expect the photographer to be set up with his or her camera equipment and backdrops. This is one of the best times to have a professional picture taken. You are wearing your best clothing, your makeup is done, and every hair is in place.

The cruise newsletter will announce this kind of photography sessions. The photographer will generally catch you on your way into the formal dining or some other formal event. You will be posed either alone, as a couple, or in a group. The photographer will tell you when and where your cruise ship photos will be available for viewing. You will have several choices of photos you might want to buy.

Casual Photos

Some pictures are taken candidly as you enjoy your time on the ship. The photographer will try to capture those moments when you are most pleased with your voyage. Days at sea are popular times for photographers to take these casual photos, since you are at your most relaxed.

You may also have casual photos taken that are not exactly candid. In this case, you might be asked to pose with a prop such as your snorkeling equipment. You might be posed next one of the ship's performers, or with your significant other.

When you go on shore excursions, some ship photographers will go along and take pictures for you to bring home with you. You will have a record of all the fun you had and some of the sights you saw. Some specialty pictures may be underwater photos of you snorkeling near a reef, for example.

Embarking and Debarkation Pictures

Every different cruise line has a different theme to their photos of you arriving on the ship. For example, Norwegian has had a pair of extra-tall Scandinavian showgirls who greet you and stand on each side of you as your picture is snapped. Every cruise line has a different way of greeting you, but they are usually registered with a picture.

When you leave the cruise ship, photos will also be taken as you depart. These pictures are not as easy to view ahead of time, like the photos taken earlier. However, your cruise line may make them available to be viewed online before you purchase them.

Cruise ship photos offer a different perspective from the pictures you take yourself. Unless you are a professional photographer, they are likely to be better quality pictures as well. If you are not sure about buying the pictures, visit the onboard gallery after a couple of days, and you will see how well most of the pictures come out.

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