Ketchikan Fishing For Cruise Ship Passengers

Ketchikan is located in Southeast Alaska on Revillagegedo Island.

Revilla is accessible only by air and sea. Ketchikan is also part of

the Tongass National Rainforest. Yes, we get a lot of rain, but it’s good for our trees and all the critters on land and sea.

Many of you have probably seen documentaries about Alaska and if your

planning a trip your envisioning what it will be like. I have met many

people throughout the years and have heard them comment that Alaska is

just as they had imagined. This area is teeming with bald eagles, black

bears, deer, whales, and sea lions just to name a few. It never gets old

seeing these animals in such a pristine environment. It is true however

that our weather is sometimes not the best, but that is the price we pay

to live here.

If your planning a fishing excursion in Alaska you may want to consider

Ketchikan as a good place to exercise that option. Ketchikan is touted as the salmon capitol of the world. Others may argue, but there is no doubt that we sometimes have dynamite fishing. What do you want to catch?

King salmon start showing up in early May and things start to get hot

around the third weekend in May. Coincidentally, our King salmon derby

kicks off at that same time. There are many prizes including cash to be

won. King salmon peek around June 15 and tail off around July 10 or so.

The last week in June is when pinks, chums, and a smaller run of cohos

start to show up. These fish last into August until they tail off and the last run of larger coho salmon show up run until the end of September. Halibut and other bottom fish such as Red snapper and lingcod can be caught with pretty good success starting around June 1st. Depending on your captain, most bottom fishing is further out of town and you may not have enough time. Salmon fishing is literally 20 minutes from town.

There are many hotels, lodges, and B&B’s in town if you decide to fly

in on Alaska airlines. For those of you coming to town via a cruise

ship don’t be bullied or scared into purchasing your fishing charter

on board the ship. You’ll save hundreds and at the same time supporting

the local economy.

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