Turkish Travel Spots – Marmaris

Some time ago Marmaris, like most of coastal cities in Turkey, was an unpopular Turkish village. From time to time it was visited by passenger boats on their voyages along the Mediterranean coast. It took only several years to turn it into a prosperous resort. Vacations in Marmaris will help you feel the life!

Marmaris is located in the south-west of Turkey, in the spot where Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean sea. This is a large natural harbour. Hills stretching to the sea and wonderful bays add to the city’s charm. Forests are the main local value: the city occupies a territory of 86 thousand hectares, and 65 thousand hectares of this land is taken up by the forests.

In the centre of the old town there is a castle standing on a hill, with ancient narrow streets radiating from the castle. These buildings are a typical example of the Mugla architecture. Old Marmaris quarters will carry you away with their noisy markets and old charm.

Being one of the most significant Mediterranean yacht centers, Marmaris is excellent to start sea voyages and acquaintance with the coast. The place is close to the Greek Rhodes island, so you have a wonderful opportunity to visit two countries during one trip.

Day is excellent to enjoy rest at one of the wonderful beaches. Among the activities the coast offers there are: catamarans, parasailing, water skiing and sailing. If you seek for solitude, there is another beach found in Icmeler. And if even this is not enough, wake up early in the morning and take a ship to the sandy beaches of Cleopatra Island, or to the Turtle Beach.

Vacations in Marmaris are excellent for diving lovers. There are several diving centers here, each offering well-organised underwater trips and excursions as well as lessons for beginners. As for the evenings, cosy bars and restaurants with delicious dishes from all over the world are waiting for you. Night clubs and entertainment centers are opened almost until sunrise, so you won’t be bored. The famous Marmaris Bar Street is always filled with lively atmosphere. Many bars offer dance floors. The entrance is often free, so you pay only for drinks. Marina quay has many cafes and seafood restaurants. Children will also like two small water parks (though grown-ups might feel a bit bored there).

Every day the port of Marmaris meets luxurious cruise liners with tourists willing to get acquainted with local and nearby attractions. One of them is the ancient city of Efes which was the second largest Roman site (the first is Rome). The other attraction is the Pamukkale resort, “the cotton castle” which is often called the world’s 8th wonder.

Shopping in Marmaris deserves special attention. Numerous shops in the heart of the city sell leather, natural sponges, carpets, sandals, clothes and traditional embroidery. Most hotels are usually suburban-style. Since they stand along the coast they are good for those who arrived here for sunbathing. There are also several club hotels, with larger territory. Most of them are 3- and 4-star.

Marmaris is a true Turkish pearl. All year round the resort welcomes visitors from all over the world. Visitors are attracted with its cosmopolitan and peaceful atmosphere. You can be the one of those!

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