Cruise Vacation Tips – How Not to Gain Weight on a Cruise

On one of my more memorable cruises, I gained 9 pounds in seven days. If you are surprised by that, do not be, that is not the surprising part. The surprising part is that my weight gain was less than average. The average weight gain on a cruise is about 2 pounds per day.

If you want to go on a cruise vacation to eat and enjoy for a week, then by all means, please do just that. Do not let me ruin your vacation. You can still enjoy your cruise without gaining weight. A few simple changes from the normal persons routine are all that you need to do and you can still truly enjoy your vacation and the luxuries that it will lavish on you.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator: this is one of my favorite things. It is easy and even faster than waiting for the elevator.

Choose more fruit for dessert: I love fruit, and all dining room meals have a fruit option for dessert. The only exception is the one night that they serve whatever your favorite dessert happens to be. Mine is really decadent chocolate cake. On the night when my irresistible chocolate cake appears on the menu, all bets are off.

Use the walking track around the ship: Almost all ships have a walking track. Usually it wraps around the Promenade deck and it is usually clearly marked on the deck: “3 laps equals one mile” or something like that. Decide how many miles or laps you are going to do everyday and do it. Even the most exciting cruises have some downtime that you can use for this.

Walk on your excursions: This one is within reason of course. In St. Thomas, they insisted that we would need a taxi to get into town. What we did instead was enjoy one of the most beautiful half hour walks of our lives. Find out from the cruise directors staff or the shopping ambassador how long it would take to walk into town at a leisurely pace.

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