Fishing By Remote – Wireless Stealth Angling

Fishing while controlling your boat with a wireless remote is the modern way of catching lots of fish when using an electric trolling motor. How cool is that?

Not so long ago it was an impossible dream to be able to move freely about the boat while using both hands for fishing and not being tied to a steering station. If the fish are biting you can now let the GPS pilot take care of the boat while you concentrate on reeling in the little hungry fellows.

The new generation of bow mount electric trolling motors that are available with the Wireless GPS feature, enables you to send your boat to a predetermined spot ie. within a couple of feet of your favorite fishing hole, simply with a push of a button. It is possible to store in its memory up to 6 different tracks covered on previous expeditions.

Electronic Anchor

Another amazing feature of the wireless pilot is its ability to keep your boat nearly stationary at any fishing hot spot by acting as an electronic anchor, correcting for wind and current with pinpoint accuracy. No more pulling up a stinking mud covered anchor and rode that sees to love splattering everyone and all the items in the boat. If fishing over a rock bed, then the time wasted trying to release the often fouled anchor can rather be sent fishing. I think that's a good thing.

With the remote you can control your boat speed or change direction without having to put down your rod or move away from your comfortable fishing position. This way you do not lose sight of what you are doing with your bait presentation. No more fumbling about trying to reach for the speed control levers or having to get to the foot control pedal which is surrounded by tackles boxes all which can contribute to making your boat maneuvering look little sloppy.

One Finger Control

If you are in a new location and are just following your nose, by simply pointing the motor head in the direction you want to go and then pushing the autopilot button on your remote, that's where you will be unerringly headed. Along the way it is possible to make big or small corrections to your course using only one finger.

The new remotes have larger LCD screens for greater visibility and are compact and water tight. The push buttons are marked with clear icons and are large enough for those of us who have fat finger syndrome. This helps to prevent pushing the wrong button that can result in putting on an impromptu, boat out of control performance and entertaining the other anglers fishing on the water.


These GPS pilots manufactured for both fresh water and salt water trolling motors, will I believe in years to come make fishing by remote the most reliable method used for stealth fishing.

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