Why is the Walt Disney Cruise Such a Good Choice For a Family Vacation?

I have a large family, with a lot of people and usually we all go on holiday together. Every year it's the same problem. Each member of the family has his own idea on where to go on vacation and when we do the planning for the holiday a big fight starts. To be honest I've had enough of this fight every year so I decided to search for something which will satisfy every member of the family or at least a big part of it. After some research I found out about the Walt Disney cruise. It is certainly the best holiday you can get to satisfy every member of the family, and especially the little ones will enjoy this vacation.

There are two ships from which you can choose: one is called The Disney Magic and the other one The Disney Wonder. They are very similar and have a capacity of about 2000 guests. It does not really matter which you choose they are almost the same. There are a lot of things you can do on board. There are special areas designed for every member of the family.

There are a lot of games for young children and staff members, which will take care that everything is fine. You do not have to worry about a thing. Areas for teenagers are also available, where they can have a lot of fun and "hang" around with other people of their age. So if you want to have a romantic dinner with your wife, that's not a problem. Your young children can have fun at the cartoon-like areas, with staff members which will take good care of them and the teenagers will also have what to do. You can also have dinner with the whole family if you want to. This way everyone can have fun and no one will have something to say about the vacation anymore.

The destinations of the cruise are also wonderful. You can set sail to the eastern Caribbean, western Caribbean, Bahamas and many more. It does not matter which one you choose, I can give you my word that you will have a lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself and I could relax after a stressful year of work. There are special package prices and you can choose to be 3 days on board and 4 days on land or 4 days on board and 3 days on land. You should book this holiday as soon as possible, because it is getting very popular and all the spots will be taken very quickly.

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