Family Reunion Cruises – 5 Simple and Easy Steps to Start Planning For Your Reunion Cruise

Family Reunion Vacations can be quite overwhelming especially if you aren’t organized. Good thing is, you’re planning a family cruise vacation which automatically makes this trip less hassles and second, you’re here. So lets get to it shall we?

The 5 easy and simple steps to planning a family reunion cruise will help you maintain organization throughout the entire process, and leave you with less headaches.

Step 1. Selecting dates of travel for everyone.

Since your mother and father, brothers, sisters, aunt and uncles, cousins and everybody else is traveling along with this family reunion vacation, picking a date has to be mandatory. Since everyone has different careers and days off, what dates are best? For one, family reunion cruises are meant to satisfy all family members.

A typical 5-day cruise will satisfy the majority. Since some may fear of getting sea sick from cruising too long, and others may complain if the cruise isn’t long enough, 5 days work best. Planning a week off should be mandatory for all family members traveling on the cruise. That way you’ll have time to rest after the cruise is over and chat about all the fun you’ve just experienced.

Step 2. Choosing the right ship.

Can you guess how many cruise line are there? Answer, well over twenty. If a few family members has already cruised before and loved the cruise line, then stick with that one. Unless, you want to explore your options, then here’s how to choose.

Carnival. Called the fun ship is by far the peoples choice for cruising, especially for 1st timers. Almost all of their ships have been re-innovated to customer’s likings, which means more activities, space and fun.

Costa Cruises. Almost the entire staff is affluent in different languages, so speaking Italian onboard is welcomed. Rated as Europe’s #1 Cruise line, this ship can take families from the U.S. to Europe easily.

Princess Cruise line. This elegant cruise line has its own uniqueness. It’s the only cruise line where couples can actually marry onboard and honeymoon at the same time.

And the list goes on and on. This choice depends on your family, if the majority wants fun and a youthful feeling, stick with Carnival. Disney cruise line are also perfect for kids, adults too; and has one of the most exciting cruise packages out there.

Step 3. How many family members are going?

Is everyone bringing their kids, are friends possibly traveling together? We know it’ll be kind of hard getting an exact number, but an estimate can really make all the difference in price. Plus, it makes the group reservation process a lot easier. The main key is not to leave out any family members.

Including your cousins, aunts and uncles really becomes mandatory because this may be the only time that everyone unites? Seeing your nieces and nephews on this family reunion vacation can really make up for years of lost time. And don’t forget to bring along your grand parents, they’ll be glad you did.

Step 4. Where are you sailing too?

Are you familiar with Western and Eastern Caribbean itineraries? Not too many are, so picking a cruise destination has to be simplified for all family members. Here’s our simplifications of some itineraries..

Western Caribbean destinations... are some of the most fun and popular cruises. Places like Ocho Rios, Montego Bay Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, Cozumel Mexico, Key West-Fl, Nassau Bahamas, Belize, Costa Maya and many more western Caribbean destinations are places of beauty you have to see. Shore excursions and touring the island becomes memories of a lifetime.

Eastern Caribbean Destinations… are quite the compliment. Vacation destinations such as St. Maarten, St Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, Antigua, Cost Rica, Virgin islands, Puerto Rico, Panama and many more exotic islands people only dream about to adventure will easily be memories the entire family tree will experience.

European and selective destinations: Hawaii, Dubai, Far East, South America, India Ocean, Egypt, Israel, Canada and New England destinations are cruise vacations many didn’t even know existed.

Step 5. Find a Travel agent/Agency.

Make sure your working with a travel agent and not the cruise line directly. Try and do this yourself, there are headaches I fail to even mentioned because I’m assuming you’re going to work with one already.

Master these 5 easy steps for planning your family reunion cruise, and everything else becomes a walk in the park. Bonus tip! Start planning in advance, at least like 6 months ahead.

Source by Brad Addo

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