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More and more families are choosing to host their reunions at sea – which is the perfect way to get the entire family together for some memorable fun. When sailing with Norwegian Cruise Lines, family reunions at sea are even easier thanks to the freestyle cruising concept that lets every family member have the ability to "do their own thing". Let's look at what makes Norwegian Cruise Lines family reunions the best:

– Easy to get everyone "on board" with your plans. Cruise departures from dozens of ports in North America make it easy for the entire family to find a central location to meet up and board the ship. If your family is spread across the country or around the globe, you'll find it easier to accommodate a greater number of family members who want to participate in a reunion cruise because of the easy availability of many ports of departure.

– More economic than cruising alone. The more family members that choose to cruise along with you on a reunion cruise, the less expensive the cost will be per person.

– Stress free sailing. The atmosphere of Norwegian Cruise Lines many ships is stress free. There are no specific schedules to adhere to and that means that your family togetherness will not be interrupted by someone else's idea of ​​fun.

– Easy to plan. No more fundraising for next year's reunion, NCL cruises are economic and fit within nearly every budget. One price is inclusive of a cabin, meals, activities and programs aboard the ship, and exciting nightly entertainment. You do not have to plan anything – just show up! (Keep in mind that shore excursions remain the financial responsibility of the cruiser).

– Unpack once, enjoy your stay! Traveling to this year's reunion destination does not have to be a major undertaking of moving from destination to destination- although you'll still have many stops and wonderful ports-of-call to enjoy. Unpack once, kick back and relax on Norwegian Cruise Lines destinations to over 150 port cities around the world. Over sixty itineraries are available.

– Lots of room options. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers room choices to fit all budgets, from economy rooms to super luxury rooms – so that everyone in your family can find a price range that meets their budget. Select your ship and your itinerary. For example, if you choose to schedule your reunion cruise to Hawaii, you will sail upon the Pride of America, which offers over 650 balcony staterooms and family suites.

Activities for young and old alike. Norwegian Cruise Lines makes sure that there are on board activities for all of its guests – including kids up to age 99! Pools, rock climbing walls, ice skating, golf, and more await your family. Or choose to attend Broadway styled theater presentations, fitness centers, spas, Internet cafés, or (on many ships) casinos, slots and gaming tables help your family members to while the hours away.

– For the kiddies, NCL's Kid's Crew program offers kids up to age seventeen age-appropriate fun at sea, including camping out on deck under the stars, treasure hunts, parties, sports, and more.

– Special needs options. When cruising with NCL, you will find that your loved ones who have special needs are not forgotten. With wheelchair accessible staterooms, grab bars, raised beds, shower seats and extra wide doors, even those who are confined to a wheelchair will get to be part of the fun of your reunion cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

So do not delay – book your reunion cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines now and make this year's event one that they'll be talking about for years to come!

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