This Christmas, Give the Gift of Romance: Couples Weekend Getaway Packages

Long after the original excitement of Christmas Day was started to wind down, you want your wife or girlfriend to absolutely radiate with love when she thinks about what an awesome Christmas gift she has just received. One of the most meaningful Christmas gifts you can give to your significant other is to create an unforgettable experience that she will never forget. And so, rather than buying her a designer bag or new trinket that will get stashed in the back of the closet within a few month’s time, why not surprise her with a romantic couples weekend getaway for Christmas?

Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples – Favorite Locations

There are definitely some considerations to make when determining a destination for your romantic vacation getaway. Have you ever vacationed before as a couple? Does the like the glitz and glamour of the big city? Has she been dying to ski down the bunny slopes at a ski resort? Is she into the total luxury and relaxation you can get from a weekend’s worth of massages and spa treatments? Or is she more into the understated quality time spent together at a bed and breakfast? Of course some popular romantic vacation destinations include the beaches of South Florida, the Poconos, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, or even the resorts of Sedona, Arizona.

An international trip may be out of the question for a quick turnaround of a weekend, but she may also appreciate you taking out the time to plan a week-long trip to somewhere romantic like Paris or Rome. Other popular destinations are of the all-inclusive resort variety – think Ochos Rios or Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic – or even a cruise across the Grand Bahamas or to Cozumel. If you’re thinking cruise, make sure she doesn’t get freaked out by being out on the open sea or worse, that she easily gets seasick, because this could be an absolute killer of whatever romantic moments you were planning on sharing with her.

Romantic weekend getaway packages are a great idea to give as a Christmas gift for your honey. Surprise her with the news by including a portrait or postcard of your intended destination as a stocking stuffer. Let her know that she doesn’t have to lift a finger except to pack – all details are taken care of – and don’t forget to bring along the lacy unmentionables for a weekend of interrupted bonding, pampering, and grown-up playtime.

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