Why a Disney Cruise Package?

At least half a dozen well-known, reputable cruise lines sail people around the Caribbean all season long. The other big cruise lines offer extremely affordable rates for travelers from all over the globe. You have seen commercials featuring rock walls, jet skis, beautiful-blue pools, and lots of happy people doing Calypso dances; why not one of those cruises instead of a Disney cruise package? It's all the same Caribbean with all the same islands. Why should you choose a Disney cruise package?

The major cruise ships have entertainment.
Of course, the other boat offers non-stop entertainment: The casino rocks' n rolls twenty-four hours a day as pink-haired little grannies strap on their work gloves and get busy draining the slot machines. "it is like Vegas with an ocean view!" they exclaim. But your seven-year-old may prefer an animation class, where she can learn to draw her favorite Disney characters and make them move just like the professionals. Your 'tween might have a little more fun producing or playing a part in the ship's own production of "High School Musical"; or she might enjoy singing karaoke to her favorite Hannah Montana hits.

The other big ships have "character" breakfasts, too.
Aboard those other big boats, you can enjoy breakfast with a cigar-chomping, belly-laughing Chrysler salesman from Sheboygan, who can get you into a nifty little Neon for a sweet low price. Your children, however, may prefer having breakfast with Snow White or Belle, who can make them smile bigger and brighter than you ever have seen before. Woody and Buzz will be there, too. As will Alice and Cinderella; but no Chryslers.

The other big boats have swimming pools.
Naturally, if you sail on the other big boats, you may soak-up the sunshine by their spacious swimming pools, which feature full cocktail service and swim-up margarita bars. The water on the second step in the pool's shallow end will not go over your little swimmer's head, and you can clamp on the flotation devices just to be safe. Or maybe your little swimmer might prefer getting his Phelps on in one of two pools made just for junior Olympians his size. On Disney Magic and Disney Wonder two warm-water pools invite smaller children safely to splash and swim from morning 'til night, and the lifeguards actually pay attention to the swimmers instead of the cocktail waitresses.

The other cruise ships have art and accommodations.
The other big boats have lovely artwork-Diego Rivera knock-offs and the dogs playing poker. Disney, on the other hand, carefully has decorated its ships with the best works of Disney illustrators, including extremely rare animation cells from their classic films. The other big ships have ambience, and the staterooms easily will accommodate an adult. Disney ships, not surprisingly, feature family friendly staterooms with plenty of room for mom, dad, the kids, and all of their luggage. Disney ships have unique two-level bathrooms, so that everyone gets plenty of shower and mirror time. The other big boats give you towels. On your Disney cruise ships, your fresh and fluffy towels come folded into the shape of a different Disney character every day. The staff calls it "towelgami," and they happily will show you how to do it, too.

Just for the record, it's not all the same Caribbean islands. With a Disney cruise package, you spend at least a day and night at Castaway Cay, Disney's own private island, developed just for vacationers. Castaway Cay features every water sport you can imagine, so that you, too, will sing "life is much better here where it's wetter." Disney's private Bahamas also offers mom and dad plenty of secluded white sand beach, teens and tweens plenty of places to chill and hang, and the usual array of fun-filled adventures for Ariel's and Flounder's younger friends.

You and the family choose a Disney cruise package precisely because it's a Disney cruise passage. No other cruise can compete for quality entertainment and family vacation value.

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