Cruise Ship Review – Review of the Carnival Freedom

The Carnival Freedom is one of the newest and largest ships in the fleet fleet. In addition to the huge screen on the lido deck, this review of the Carnival Freedom will also discuss the many amenities available within the ship. The sheer size of this vessel, with a gross tonnage of an astounding 110,000, makes sea sickness far less likely than some of the older and smaller ships.

Carnival cruise ships "fun ship" fleet is usually designed with fun and partying in mind, but in this case, this ship will also appeal to the more luxury minded and those looking for better service. Excellent service is a luxury not always found on a Carnival cruise ship but the Carnival Freedom is the exception.

Formal night in the dining room will greet you with an excellent filet mignon but do not forget the Sun King Supper Club. This is an additional dining room that will require a reservation and a mandatory additional gratuity, but it will be well worth it. The service in the supper club far exceeds even that of the dining room and so does the cuisine.

Let us also take a moment to discus the fun part of the "fun ships". The Lido deck will greet you with an intense 12 X 22 foot screen that you will enjoy poolside events and movies by starlight. In addition, it two pools, the Timeless Pool and the Endless pool as well as the impressive water slide will ensure that the outside portion of your cruise is just as rewarding as the inside.

Source by Robert Deveau

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