10 Top Things to do in Cozumel

Cozumel Island is located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Over a couple of years, the island has proven to be one of the most visited islands with so much cruise ships docking their ships on the island piers for tourists. The island has so much to offer in terms of tourist attraction sites and activities tourists can engage in. The island is one of the largest islands in Mexico, and it has its main town as the San Miguel town. With a lot of activities to engage in, it can sometimes be extremely hard for the visitors to decide on what to do while in Cozumel. It is for this reason, this list with the 10 top most things to do while in Cozumel will help you decide and there for plan your itinerary accordingly.

Punta Sur Eco Beach

Top on the list is a visit to Punta Sur Ecological beach. It is the largest ecological reserve on the island and a home to a variety of flora and fauna that are only indigenous to the island. It is also home to crocodiles, beautiful flowers, and some exotic birds. Other than seeing and experiencing the nature while at the park, one can also get to enjoy relaxing on the beautiful beaches inside the park that are fitted with hammocks and pretty lounge chairs and just get to soak in the beauty of the ocean while enjoying cocktails and delicious cuisines.

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

The Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park is one of the most visited sites on the island. It is for this reason; the park should be on your to do list while in Cozumel. The park being closely situated near the island’s main town offers beautiful coral reefs for snorkeling, an opportunity to interact with the manatees and the sea lions, zip lining while at the park is also something one can engage on. One is also allowed to swim with the dolphins while at the park. It also has beautiful white sand beaches fitted with hammocks and lounge chairs where one can relax from.

Explore the Mayan Ruins

Cozumel Island is home to some great Mayan ruins dated hundred years back e. Some of their structures and formations have been well preserved to some of the most visited archaeological sites.

Visit the Stingray Beach

It is interesting to note that most of the waters in the island host a lot of very friendly marine life like the dolphins and the sea lions, but to get to interact with the stingrays, one just has to visit the Stingray beach. The beach offers several tours meant to assist the tourists in getting the chance to interact with the rays fully. The most popular tour is the Encounter & Snorkelling tour, which allows the guests to handle and feed the stingrays before joining them in the water for a swim.

Visit Palancar Beach

Palancar beach is one of the best all-round beaches in Cozumel. It is especially popular for its water sports activities. Some of the water sports one can be part of include, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and diving. So many tours are conducted at the beach with the aim of making the visitors have an authentic experience while visiting Palancar beach.  The offshore Palancar reef is described as one of the most beautiful and easy to transverse reefs for divers of all skills.

A visit to the Island Museum (El Museo de la Isla de Cozumel)

If you have the intention of learning more about the Cozumel’s culture and history, a visit to the island’s museum while on the island should be a must-do-thing in your itinerary. The Island Museum is located in downtown San Miguel. It previously was a luxury hotel before it was converted into a museum. It features exhibits about the island’s ecosystems, old Mayan and Spanish colonial artefacts, the island’s recent economic development and displays that teach visitors about local development and conservation issues.

A tour to Faro de Celarain (Cozumel’s Lighthouse)

Located about 30 kilometres south of San Miguel, lies this spectacular lighthouse.  It is a fun little excursion for visitors who want to escape spots that are not typically swamped by many crowds. The lighthouse gives one an opportunity to be able to soak in all of the island beauty in a panoramic view. It also has recently been stocked with some maritime artefacts making it also a museum.

Discover Mexico Cozumel Park

This park is particularly famous among the cruise ship passengers. It is also one of the newest tourist attractions on the island, but it still gets a spot on the top 10 things to do while in Cozumel. This is because it provides an interesting overview of Mexico’s diverse culture. The park also showcases traditional dances, songs, art and food accompanied with traditional dances to entertain the guests. One can also get to see the fascinating Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers). It involves dancers throwing themselves off a 30-meter-tall pole as they spin and twirl to the ground via ropes attached to their feet.

Mr Sanchos Beach club

One of the largest white sand beach on the island is a must go to place while in Cozumel. With a ton of water-related activities for its visitors, Mr. Sanchos makes it to our top ten lists. While there, one should look out for the popular All Inclusive Day Pass package, Mr. Sanchos Romantic Day at the Beach for two packages and the Mr. Sanchos Aquatic package.  The aquatic package is one of its kind on the island. The club is open for the whole family to relax and have fun.

Snorkelling and scuba diving

With vast masses of water and beaches, the island is an ideal place to plan for a snorkeling and scuba diving excursion. The island has many beautiful reefs and maritime creatures that one will get to experience while snorkeling and diving. There are areas reserved for the experienced and certified divers due to the difficulty and the currents of the water.  The beginner divers are also not left out as there are spots recommended for them. Other than scuba diving, one also has the option of SNUBA (that is snorkeling with a surface floating air tank).

These are just but a few of the activities and sights one can see while at Cozumel. It being a tourist attraction island, there is much more to expect while visiting the island.

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