Fish Spa Massage in Cozumel

This is a mode massage therapy that became popular around the 21st century. Though it is believed it was being used by the Turks for healing purposes over 400 years ago. It was discovered mainly to help in the treatment and reduction of symptoms of Psoriasis, a skin disease where one has red itchy scaly patches of skin on the body that has no cure and treatment of eczema. The fish used on for the treatment help in the treatment by feeding on the dead skin on the patient’s body. The fish spa massage is sometimes referred to as Doctor Fish Treatment.

the fish spa massage mostly use fishes from the Cyprinid species which are native mostly found in small rivers, streams, ponds and lakes in the Middle East and in Anatolia in Turkey. The Gurra rufa or the Kangal fish is the one that is mostly used by spas for the therapy. In Turkey, the Gurra rufa fish is protected by the government to avoid over exportation. Due to the recent increase in demand for the use of fish spa massage, the Gurra rufa has become more endangered due to over exportation.

In the recent years, more and more fish spa massage has been opened up in so many countries. They are mostly use as a way of relaxing. They are mostly referred to as doctor fish pedicure.

The doctor fish pedicure is done by placing the clients feet into a tank or a bucket that is already filled with the Gurra rufa fish inside. The fish then clean the client’s feet by feeding on the dead skin on the skin. This in turn causes a relaxing effect on the client. The Gurru rufa fish are always moved from a communal tank to a personal footbath for the client. The foot bath is always cleaned and sanitized after every client use.  Before being placed in a foot bath filled with the Gurra rufa, the client’s feet are cleaned and examined to check if there are any open wounds or cuts as one can be hurt if they are placed in the bath with a wound.  The fish spa massage always last 15 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of dead skin on one’s feet. This process is a viable one since these fish thrive in warm water which is always the one placed on a foot bath and they feed mostly feed by sucking on the dead skin from other fish thus why they feed on dead skin of people.

All though fish spa massage is a most sought after mode of massage therapy, some countries and states in the United States have banned their use citing the process is unsanitary since most of their cosmetology regulations require the disposal of the tools used or sanitized which cannot be possible when using the Doctor Fish.  And it’s good to note that the fish don’t bite on living fish as they don’t have teeth. They just nibble and suck on the dead skin. One will only get to have a tingly feeling and there after a relaxed and fresh feeling.

Lastly, the Mr. Sancho’s Cozumel fish spa massage is also available at Mr. Sanchos Beach club in Cozumel. The massage always last between 15-30 minutes and it is a great add on to your Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass. The massage is completely organic and they are 100% sanitized. Once you have booked an appointment no entrance fee to Mr. Sanchos Cozumel is required. The fish spa is located inside the club in one of the buildings.  The spa procedure costs 30 USD. Reservation for a slot is recommended at 5 USD since the procedure is very popular as it was once featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians a popular United States TV series.


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