San Gervasio Ruins in Cozumel

San Gervasio Ruins is an archaeological site located in Cozumel Island. It belonged to pre-Colombian Maya Civilization. It is the largest of the Mayan ruins still existing in Cozumel. The location is thought to have been the sanctuary of Ix Chel the goddess of fertility, moon, childbirth, medicine and weaving. Thus it was an important pilgrimage site at which the women of Maya community especially the prospective mothers and those with fertility problems would go to worship. These ruins date back to 100 B.C, most of the shrines and settlements are still standing today but most of them have been destroyed over time.

Although these ruins are a little bit smaller compared to the massive sites at the Riviera Maya, it is still worth a visit as it has so much exiting and amazing stories and history to offer. It is a nice beach break for cruise ship passengers who will docked in Cozumel Island and don’t have the time to cross over to Playa Del Carmen mainland for other activities. One of the most interesting building to look out for is the’ temple of hands’. The ruin is located about 11 miles (20 minutes) from San Miguel town. It is much closer to those who will alight at Punta Langosta Pier though use of a taxi or a car rental is needed to access the site. The ruins are set in the middle of Mayan Jungle which is mainly covered with rain forest.

To access the ruins, one is required to pay an entrance fee of USD 5 to the ruins. With it being inside the park, one is also required to pay an additional USD 4.50 to enter in to the park. The San Gervasio Ruins is always open for visitors from 8 AM to 3.45 PM every day.  Inside the settlement, you will get to experience the Mayan cultures and their history. How they used to live and do things as a community. You will also get to know what food they ate, their economic activities, their calendar, how they built their houses and much more.

Though it is much cheaper to visit the archaeological site on your own and walk around, it is recommended to be part of a tour or a guided trip to be able to experience and see a lot while at the site. Many San Gervasio Ruins Tours are conducted by different travel agencies. Most this tours offer transport from the town or piers and back to town, entrance fees to booth the park and to the ruins, tour guide inside the ruins, and refreshments. There are also private tours with private guides which are a bit costly as compared to the others.

Lastly, if you are tired to go to the mainland and you are looking for something exciting to do, San Gervasio Ruins is the place to visit! And remember while visiting the ruins, it’s important that you wear sneakers as there is so much walking to do and the ground is sandy and there are so much lizards and iguanas. Also carry a bug spray as the place being a rainy forest, it has so much bugs. And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all those memories you will make.




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