Carnival Pride Will Sail a Two-Week Nude Cruise in 2022

Carnival Pride Will Sail a Two-Week Nude Cruise in 2022

The ultimate nude cruise is coming to the high seas in the winter of 2022. At the end of every nude cruise they’ve organized, the folks at Bare Necessities say they get one request. And with their upcoming 75th charter, they’re granting that much-uttered wish by creating the ultimate bucket list for those who love truly getting in touch with nature.

They’re Chartering the Carnival Pride

Carnival Pride Cruise Ship

Carnival Pride sails into Baltimore. (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines/Andy Newman)

Aside from the whole clothing-optional thing, those who take part in nude cruises are a lot like the rest of us. In other words, when their vacation comes to an end, they don’t want to get off the ship.

With that in mind, the people who have been organizing the Bare Essentials sailings since 1991 have arranged for a mega-sailing on board the Carnival Pride. And better still, it will be the perfect trip for couples looking for a unique Valentine’s Day getaway given that the ship will set sail from Tampa on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

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The itinerary will feature six days at sea as well as stops at the following ports: Colon, Panama; Cartagena, Colombia; Kralendijk, Bonaire; Willemstad, Curaçao; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Nassau, Bahamas. Guests will also enjoy a special visit to Amber Cove — Carnival’s cruise port in the Dominican Republic.

One reason many of the Bare Necessities regulars have requested longer cruises is that they come from far-flung locations such as Australia or Europe, so the extended voyages make taking the trip all the more worthwhile.

Why This Voyage is Special

Carnival Cruise Ship Sea

(Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

Bare Necessities was originally slated to host a two-week voyage aboard the Carnival Legend in February 0f 2021. But of course, like all other sailings, that charter had to be canceled thanks to the industry-wide shutdown.

While cruisers of all stripes have been dealing with their pent-up desire to get back to sailing, the situation hits even harder for those who are fans of nude cruising, given that they already had far fewer options available to them.

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Bare Necessities will, as always, charter the entire ship, creating a more comfortable environment for all of their guests (and avoiding awkward situations for would-be non-nude cruisers). It’s important to note that while the group’s sailings are clothing optional, this isn’t a ship full of swingers.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. “Our mission,” their website explains, “is to provide relaxing, entertaining and health-conscious vacation opportunities that offer non-threatening, natural environments where the appreciation, wonder and compatibility of nature and the unadorned human form can occur.”

What The Organizers Really Want You to Know

Last year, we spoke to Rosie Ochoa, a spokesperson for Bare Necessities, who said one of their biggest challenges is dealing with misconceptions people have about the organization and its members. “They think that naturists are disgusting, sex-crazed maniacs or that our cruises are for swingers,” she laughed.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the word that comes up most often with regard to every aspect of their sailings is respect. “Respecting confidentiality, personal space, the ship, the ship’s staff, the clothing requirements — and yes,” she added, “we do have some clothing requirements — and respecting yourself.”

She added that their policies are strictly enforced. “We have a zero-tolerance policy. I like to believe this is what makes us so successful. Feeling safe and being safe are things you can count on when you sail with us.”

For more information on Bare Necessities and their upcoming events, visit their website here.

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