Traveling Alone to Boracay Island

It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion, so goes a famous proverb. Traveling to Boracay all alone can offer several perks. It's a liberating experience as you are your own boss. You can do exploring at you own pace, decide what and where to eat, lie under the sun for hours without someone waking you up to tell you to pack your bags and get going. It can also give you more satisfaction and self-confidence since traveling alone in a foreign territory requires guts.

But, there is a big BUT to this equation: traveling solo also has its disadvantages. Here are some tips should you decide to do a one-man trip to Boracay.

· Spontaneity does not always work. Perhaps in some aspects of your life an abrupt and decent decision could benefit you, but this is a huge no-no when traveling. Do a lot of research about the place such as its socio-cultural background (language, customs, taboos, and others), and the more practical considerations including accommodations, transportation, and food.

· English is widely spoken in Boracay so you will not have difficulty asking for information. Unlike in most tropical sanctuaries where you have to be ambidextrous for sign language, Boracay is an easy place to visit since language barrier is rarely a problem.

· Identification is a must. Always carry identification. Bring more than one ID and do not put them all in one place. Also, know the contact information of your hotel, the tourism offices, and the local police.

· The police station in Boracay has a 24-hour telephone hotline. There are also the barangay tanod, the local officials who exceed the safety and welfare of the island's visitors and residents. The tanod and other barangay officials can be reached through their respective barangay contact numbers should you need to coordinate with them.

· Put cash in your wallet-and in your other body parts. Tuck away a bill in your shoes, inside pockets, and where you think it would be convenient. There's nothing worse than losing everything you've gotten because of your own careless action (misplacing or losing beloveds while drunk) or because of an unscrupulous individual.

· When traveling solo, pack only the bare essentials. A heavy baggage would be an annoyance; it's like dragging along a receiver companion and it clearly defeats the purpose of making the trip on your own.

· Take note of the weather forecast for your destination. Boracay during the summer months (March to May) can be really hot and humid. Daytime temperature could reach 38ºC. December to February would mean a drop in temperature especially at nights. The lowest recorded is 21ºC and strong winds usually occur around this period. Habagat, or southwest monsoon, is from July to October and this is when tropical storms arrive. Expect frequent rains and high waves. Swimmer or not, you must avoid the western portion of the island where two-meter waves are known to occur during inclement weather.

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