European Cruise Vacations

Taking European Cruise is one if not the best experience you’ll have in your life. Europe is a great cruise destination because of the natural beauty, art, culture and history it offers. Unlike Caribbean and Alaska wherein destinations are either island beaches or glaciers, Europe gives you spectacular landscapes, delectable cuisines, mystical history and culture in every port or city you visit.

European Cruises are basically divided into four itineraries – Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Western Europe and British Isle and Northern Europe and Baltic cruises. Each itinerary has its own highlights and surely you’ll have a hard time deciding what cruise to take! Let’s take a look at each cruise offerings to help you decide on what itinerary to take:

Eastern Mediterranean cruise highlights Greece, Greek Isles, Venice Italy and Turkey. Traveling this region offers cruise passengers a robust combination of history, culture and beaches to explore. Other popular ports of call are Croatia and the ports of the Black Sea and few cruises include stopovers in Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, or Egypt. The ancient archaeological sites of this area, combined with the natural sun-kissed beauty of the islands of Greece make the eastern Mediterranean a wonderful cruise experience.

Western Europe on the other hand focuses on countries like Spain, Italy and France. Architecture buffs and art lovers will especially enjoy Rome, Florence, and Barcelona. The French and Italian Riviera, Mallorca, and Monte Carlo feature beautiful beaches for sun and beach lovers. Riviera offers some of the world’s best boutiques for your shopping sprees.

A Northern Europe cruise is a great summer alternative to the Mediterranean with its picture perfect fjords and fairytale like cities. Northern Europe cruises offer a kaleidoscope of cultures, languages and traditions in the Baltic, the Norwegian Fjords and even the Arctic. Explore marquee ports like St. Petersburg and more offbeat offerings like Tallinn and Riga. These cities are each different, with friendly citizens and interesting architecture and historical sites. The perfect summer weather and long days are relaxing and invigorating for cruisers.

British Isles and Western Europe cruises are perfect for travelers looking for heritage in London, markets in Brugge and Irish charm in Dublin and Cork. The natural beauty of these islands mixes well with the excitement of London, and lots of hiking and exploring included along the way.

With these magnificent sites to offer, it is a no surprise that Europe is one of the most popular and best cruise destinations in the world. No matter what itinerary you plan to sail to, Europe will give you the best vacation and trip of your lifetime.

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