Listen to Your Body and Do Something

The term listen to your body is the awareness of what your body is telling you. It leads you to ask yourself how do I feel, can I accept this feeling, body, what do you want me to do? Your mind responds by taking an intelligent action like doing something about it. Let's learn to listen to our bodies!

Remember that you can trust your body or command it what you want it to do but again beware that bad things you decide to do your body produce consequences and will definitely tell others what you are feeling and the kind of person you are.

We will look at different messages that your body is telling or may have told you to do and the choices we make:

1. Stop eating more candy.

This is like emotional eating and occurs when you eat without caring about the quality or quantity of food intake due to disturbed feelings. Before you know it, you have added more kilos and gradually becoming obese.

At early stages when you started eating too much candy, you refused to listen to what your body was telling you. Did not you experience feelings of heaviness, sleepiness or tiredness but concentrated in the sweetness of Candy to console yourself. All these were signals from your body to stop overeating but you ignored them! However, this can be reversed by doing something about it …

Reduce on the quantity of food you take daily and start serious work outs. Talk to a good counselor who will help you diagnose the causes of your emotional problems, accept and deal with them. Be mindful of your body. Take lots of fruits and veggies that have plenty of vitamins to strengthen and detoxify your body fat and loose weight. Learn to care for your body.

2. Stop overworking, take a break, take a rest:

It is good to work, but many of people over work to keep up with financial strains in the world today. Long working hours are a common work practice. Suddenly, your lifestyle is affected. Your start suffering from migraines, exhaustion and sleepiness nights, high blood pressure, worries to maintaining a good performance at your work place. Through it all, what was your body telling you? Take a break, take a rest. Probably inside your subconscious you wanted to take that holiday on the Mediterranean Cruise but you had to prove to your body and the bosses that you have the stamina to handle this. It is not until your body breaks down that you realize that you refused to listen to your body. Now see … you are hospitalized for persistent migraines and your blood pressure has refused to go down. Why did you have to ignore your body's commands in the first place? Here is what you will do next time:

-Take a break, take a rest. Take that holiday and enjoy the cruise with someone you love as your doctor prescribed. You will feel fantastic by the time you resume your work.

-When you work and your body sends out signals especially discomfort and pain. Just stop everything you are doing. Fold up that paper work and leave before it folds up, your health … your life! Do something like taking a nap, visit a dear friend, and take a swim, something good that will make you relax.

– Try out Aroma therapy. The essential oils used will heal the pain away. Visit health Spas and enjoy talking care of your body.

– When you rest that body, every cell becomes active again and you will have a refreshed mind to start your day.

3. It is time to take a walk or do some jogging:

Different people react differently when under pressure. Some perform better while others get stressed or depressed. Other times people get lonely and confused. Listen to your body when it tells you to take a walk. Walk away from depression, walk away from stress, walk away from confusion and just … take that walk. Leave everything as it is on the table, listen you your body then take a walk. As you walk … breath in deeply, can hear the humming birds sing? You feel the warmth of sunshine hitting on your tender skin, you sense the smell of clay or soil after the rainy day that you almost want to taste it, you hear the sound of the wind blowing gently, caressing your ears, you hear your own heart beat and pay attention to its rhythm, you can see that beautiful rose, stop and take time to touch and smell its aroma. U hm … you're Spirit, Body and Soul is at peace with self, nature and Almighty God. Goodness … you do not want this walk to end … you do not want these beautiful feelings to go away … all because you listened to your body and did something. What is your body signaling you to do right now?

Even after that refreshing jog in the Park, you are more alert, flexible, and tactful and happier because you listened to your body and did something to improve on your well being. Later on you now wonder how meager your problems were and are able to figure out fast solutions. You are living in total awareness and enjoying the moment. Your body says it's time to walk or do some jogging and it has worked out for your own good.

4. When she says "I must have it my way …"

The mind and body are interrelated and both listen to each other. Sometimes our bodies can rebel against us. You have inner strength to command your mind to do something and you body will automatically obey. This may takes practice. You can fight to resist urges, drives or desires resulting from your thinking patterns, causing unnecessary chemical reaction. These can be embarrassing during social settings. That is when you have to repeatedly communicate and command your body to stop rebelling. Finally, she will listen to you and stay calm. This takes a lot of practice and training your mind to make your body obey to that inner voice.

5. Be Confident!

Position your body right because other people will know the kind of person you are. Get the right posture. The way you walk, the way you sit and smile sends out a message. Do not let your body language betray you. When sitting down, do not slouch or else it will be seen as laziness. Move with confidence, then it is more likely that you will sound confidently.

Which signals is your body sending out to you? Learn to listen to your body and do something about it because you may save your life and improve on your general well being.

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