Place That You Definitely Need To Visit While At The Kenyan Coast

The Kenyan coast happens to have a very strong source of identity; it not only engages your attention to its attractiveness but also at the various natural features, buildings and the cultural presentations and sounds that are offered there. There are various attractions at the coasts of Kenya that one can not afford missing while visiting this place, such include; the sandy beaches, the blue turquoise Indian Ocean, the beautiful hotels and delicacies which enchant visitors with their impressive smell, color, presentation.

Kenya coast is made up of various beautiful cities. The most known and visited of these is Mombasa district that happens to be the second largest city in Kenya; it is a colorful city that contains a beautiful mix of ancient and the modern structures. Another amazing Kenyan coast district is Malindi which is globally known as a historically rich town; containing the history of the East African coast since the 15th century. Malindi town is surrounded with various beaches that offering that cool and relaxing breeze and fresh air from the ocean and its breath-taking sunrise and sunset scenery. Further south of the Kenyan coast is the Watamu village, which is fronted by colorful endless stretches of white beaches. Watamu is the place to find well established African resorts as well as many private guest houses scattered along the quiet shores.

The famous Diani beach is situated along the south coast; it has a wide range of restaurants and resorts with varieties ranging from small boutique properties to the larger family hotels. The calm environment allows the visitor to engage in various water sports such as; windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, waterskiing and scuba diving.

Places to visit

While at the coast there are certain regions and experiences that one should make a point of visiting and trying, these include:

Dining – one should not leave without having a taste of the exciting cuisines that are prepared at the local restaurants. The types of cuisines served take to consideration the diversity of tourists that visit these areas. The worlds famous Swahili cuisine is also served and prepared in the African traditional cooking styles. Some of the Swahili delicacies that are served include; Pilau and Biriani dishes. Some of the other cuisines that are served at the dining include the Italian, Japanese, Indian, continental and many more.

Fort Jesus – this fortress was built in 1593 and is located at the edge of a coral ridge overlooking the entrance of the old port of Mombasa. The museum inside holds findings from the archaeological excavations along the coast, and has a grand display of history and culture.

Old Town – this is the one place in Mombasa town that takes you back to the ancient days. The ancient buildings, exquisite art designs and curios are popularly known as Kenyan souvenirs, characterize the town. The town was built by the Arabs who immensely influenced the town's way of life.

Gedi Ruins – it is a small town that was made primarily from rocks and stones. It's located in Gedi along the road the Watamu.

Vasco da Gamma Pillar – this pillar is one of the oldest monuments in Africa that was built in 1498 by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gamma as a sign of appreciation for the welcome he was given by the sultan of Malindi.

Shimba Hill National Reserve – at the Shimba Hill Game Reserve, one experiences the raw taste of the wide side of the Kenyan coast. The game reserve is a tropical rain forest within the Kenyan coast which is cool and refreshing with scattered magical waterfalls; a far cry from the heat and humidity of the rest of the Kenyan coast.

Others – Haller Park, Mamba Village, Mombasa tusks, Mombasa Marine Park, Hindu temples, Mnarani ruins are among other places that offer great experience and scenery to visitors.

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