Excellent High Paying Positions While You Cruise the World

Are you someone who is adventurous, loves to getaway and see the world, and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life? Would you like a high paying job, travel to exotic places where in a lifetime, only a few people are fortunately enough to see? Travel the Caribbean, Bahamas, Americas, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, Africa, Canada, the Far East, the Pacific, the Mediterranean and even the Arctic!

Since 2000, the major cruise lines have introduced 74 new and incredible cruise ships resembling floating hotels. They employ thousands of crew members, all performing hotel-like duties working in high paying job positions, identical or similar to jobs at five-star hotels and resorts. There are some amazing travel deals and getaways for passengers who love to cruise, including the many jobs waiting you, aboard these cruise ships.

There are entry-level positions available, ranging from deckhands and maintenance to ship officers, or hotel and gift shop staff, entertainers, tour guides, food and beverage workers (bartenders, waiters, cocktail servers, etc.), naturalists, or recreation and fitness managers. You're sure to find something that will suit your skills and interests.

In the next three years, 23 new cruise ships are scheduled to launch. The cruise lines are a $ 30 billion industry, employing 348,000 people and paying over $ 5.7 Billion in wages. Employment can also be found on smaller vessels that include everything from eco-tour ships to the Amazon, steamboats that recall the grandeur of 19th-century America, or romantic sailing yachts cruising the New England and Maine shoreline.

Last year the cruise industry experienced a record increase in passenger traffic with an estimated 12.6 million North Americans taking cruises in 2007. In the last couple of years, the cruise ship industry has added seventeen new ports of call in the United States, including Baltimore, New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and New York City. Cruise ships keep on expanding their itineraries to include more and more ports around the world. Being employed on a luxury cruise ship or cruise line offers numerous rewards.

Interested in a high paying job? Here are 7 things for you to consider.

1. You can not only earn, but save a substantial amount of money for (in) a short period of time and all your expenses are taken care of by the cruise line; Meals, accommodations and medical care, etc.
2. An airline ticket to the port of embarkation and homeward bound, no matter where you live.
3. Citizens of certain countries do not have to pay taxes on the income they have earned aboard cruise ships (US citizens pay taxes if employed by US based cruise line).
4. Travel in style around the world, aboard a luxury cruise ship for free, and get paid in the bargain!
5. Getting away from a boring job, career or daily routine and exchange it for rewarding and adventurous employ in a high paying cruise ship.
6. Free medical insurance.
7. Reduced-price cruise vacations for family and friends.

Imagine having a profitable and exciting high paying job, while traveling all the world. Working aboard a cruise ship will give you this wining combination!

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