Top Four Reasons Why Some People Avoid Going On A Cruise Ship

Going on a cruise is one of today's most common holiday activities. Yet despite its being affordable and safe, there are many people who are uneasy with ships and believe that going on a cruise is no fun at all; especially with those who are scared of possibly sinking in open sea or getting sea sick all the time. Ok, maybe a lot of you who feel that way might have seen Titanic too many times, because taking a cruise in these amazingly appointed cruise liners is one of the most fun things to do on your vacation.

But why are people so afraid of going on a cruise? What reasons do they have from shunning the idea? Here are the four that top the list:

Reason number 1 – It would be boring.

If you were inside one of these huge ships you would even forget that you were afloat at sea. A cruise ship offers a lot of activities that appeal to all sorts of people: there's dancing, eating, live entertainment, sun bathing, gambling, swimming, parties, sports, movies, and promenading. It is a great opportunity to meet a lot like minded people, who are adventurous enough or at least open minded about taking a cruise.

Reason number 2 – Getting seasick often.

The modern cruise ship is a sophisticated floating monolith. These ships are fitted with equipment and technology that stabilizes the ship. Also, most of the cruises do not go into deep ocean water where the surf is the roughest. Most cruises just hug along the coastline where the sea is fairly calm.

Reason number 3 – Only retirees and old people take cruises.

This is another misconception most people have about cruises. Because of the wide array of entertainment and leisure activities on board, plus the aggressive marketing strategies used by cruise ships to attract other markets, more of the younger crowd have been spending money on cruises and enjoying all the activities that cruise ships offer.

Last reason – Who wants to be boxed up in a small ship?

The impression a lot of people who refrain from cruise ships have about a cruise ship, is getting sardined in a cramped boat with a small cot or cabin to sleep in.

Again, today's cruise ships are actually luxurious; with many levels and lots of elbowroom. While the cabin is not a presidential suite at a four star hotel, it is not a closet either. With the number of fun activities you can do on board, the only time you will be spending in your cabin is for sleep and to change clothes for your next fun activity.

Discover what you have been missing out on for the wrong reasons, go out and take a cruise. There are a lot of great deals available online for cruises to wonderful destinations that you would like to visit.

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