Great Reasons to Visit Malaysia

Over the last 15 or so years the number of people deciding to take a break with one of the excellent holidays to Malaysia has been on the up; when you take a look what's on offer it's easy to see why. The mix of Asian culture, food, and scenery means any holiday experience here can be a diverse and exciting experience. This article looks at some of the must see destinations in the country to really get the full taste of Malaysia.

First on the list is the brilliant Penang region. The mix of Asian cultures in Penang makes for an exciting place to visit. The variety of local foods is just one example of how this mix of effects can produce some delicious results, and one of the must try experiences here is trying as many local dishes as you can fit in. The temples and general architecture are also something that's well worth having a look around and provide a great way to spend your time if you're not a fan of sunbathing on a beach.

Next on the list we have the fantastic city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. The beautiful modern city contains all you would expect, bright lights, shopping, eating and drinking and many nights worth of entertainment. Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Caves, Orchid Garden and the Royal palace are just a few of the sites that are well worth a trip, and if you do plan to visit then make sure you're staying for a few nights as there's bound to be a lot you'll want to do and see in this brilliant city.

Finally if you want something a little less city based, then a trip out to the Cameron Highland might just be the thing for you. The highlands feature some of the most beautiful scenery in Malaysia, with its rolling hills and mountains. Cut into the side of many of the hills in this region are the Tea plantations that it's famous for. These plantations make for a great day out, experiencing life on the plantation, and they quite often have other features too, small cafes, flower gardens and pretty little restaurants. The region also features some great golf courses for those with a slightly more sporty persuasion.

There are many other great reasons to visit Malaysia, the selection above are only a few of the highlights, and a holiday to this area need not be expensive either as tour operators these days have a fantastic selection of trips to this part of the world. So whether its part of one of the many package holidays to Thailand or a holiday in its own right, Malaysia really does make for one of the best holiday experiences around.

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