Dressing for Cruise Comfort

Choosing to holiday on a cruise gives you a one-stop entertainment and leisure environment. Cruises offer many different activities including live shows, lounging, fitness sessions and wonderful dining experiences. All of these different environments and activities require different outfits and planning your outfits before you go can always help. The more you plan the more comfortable you'll feel and the more enjoyable your break will be.

Dressing for On-Board Leisure

A cruise is a fantastic opportunity to relax and unwind. It obviously makes sense to check weather conditions and ensure you have items to suit all weathers along your voyage route. There are plenty ways of keeping warm and cool and it's also important to protect your skin with wide-brimmed hats, light pashminas and kaftans, especially at the hottest times. If you're hiring to build in a workout or two using the fantastic fitness facilities aboard most cruises then consider a basic workout outfit too. You'll need at least one long-sleeved jumper as well as a lightweight jacket in case of colder weather, especially if you hope to enjoy the night sky from the deep seas.

Dressing for Evening Dining and Leisure

Your cruise will offer a wide range of entertainment and dining options for the evenings during your trip. Your operator's catalog or website should have a directory of all their facilities and alongside this should be a dress code. Many dining dress codes do not allow denim and your best option is probably to pack a few formal yet comfortable dresses. Easy to wear and easy to pack give yourself a couple of options. If you do not have much space opt for a classic black or neutral dress and pack your favorite statement jewelery instead.

Dressing for your Destination

Although the highlight of your trip may be the cruise you will be stopping at least one destination along the way. Remember to pack clothes to suit the destination and the activities planned when you get there. If you're involved in an active holiday and may be trying out scuba diving or snorkelling then ensure you've got appropriate swimwear and casual beach clothing. If you're cruising in a colder climate, such as the Baltic then ensure you pack enough woollies to keep you warm and likewise linen pants are essential for Caribbean cruises.

Keep our points in mind and you can guarantee you'll enjoy your cruise in comfort. It sounds like a lot but if you ensure you've got the right luggage you can guarantee you will need almost every item you pack. Make sure you leave a little space for souvenirs.

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